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Just Dance 3
Casting notice posted on, casting location: worldwide
Currently searching for guys and gals 12 to 29 who are from the following countries Italy, France, UK, Netherlands, and Spain who can speak the language from that country with no hint of an American accent. You can live anywhere in the world and submit for this job. If they pick your audition video (which you make from home) then you will be paid $200 for it. Pass the word along! You can get a better idea of what they are looking for by watching this video but remember for this go around, they are only looking for people from the countries listed above. Please note: The Video has to be spoken in the language of the above mentioned countries. The phrase JUST DANCE 3 must be spoken in English with the number 3 spoken in your native language.

The deadline to submit your online audition is Friday, September 2nd 2011. But, sooner will increase your chances of being picked.

Submission Instructions:
1. Send an email to with the subject line reading “JUST DANCE 3”
2. Attach a Quicktime video of you saying to the camera “Hi, I am (insert your name) and I am going to play JUST DANCE 3!” Everything must be said in your native language with the exception of the words JUST DANCE which must be said in English. You must sound like you are from these countries and not have an American accent. Please also include your name, address, phone numbers, age, agent, union status, country of origin and any other information you think we should know about you in the email you send us.

Casting Location: worldwide
Contact email:

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