Now casting “Weirdest’ parents

Are you the oddest parents in America?

Moms and Dads, are you the parents of teens who think what you do and how you do it is too strange to be believed? Are they constantly telling you that they are embarrassed? Well, that’s not so unusual for teens. BUT do you have hobbies or occupations that actually ARE strange, crazy or extremely weird? Perhaps the way you decorate your home is so whimsical that your kids can’t feel cool. Maybe you live above your crazy wind-up toy store and truly bring your business home with you. Could be that you’re into activities that your kids think are only for the young, like LARPing or Cosplay. Maybe your kids are irritated by the fact that their friends want to hang out with you.
Anything that makes you the “Weirdest” parents in America to your teens is alright with us!

Send us an email and describe what it is that makes you weird to your kids– attach any photos that help illustrate. Please include your name, phone number, the city you live in, and a current photo of yourself.

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