Open Call San Francisco – Blue Man Group Show


Auditions for Performers

The live show “Blue Man” is holding an open casting call in San Francisco, CA for the Blue Man Show.

The Blue Man Casting Team is constantly exploring new ways to connect with dynamic performers.

The show does have physical requirements:
The role of Blue Man is a very physically demanding one.

We are seeking men and women who fit the following specifications:
Athletic build
Solid percussion/drum skills or strong musical background
Excellent acting skills – the ability to communicate honestly within the dramatic circumstance and the ability to express emotions and communicate non-verbally
Open to exploring an alternative acting style
Able to let your ego go and embrace a collaborative working environment
Dynamic, charismatic personality
Willing to travel and /or relocate

Blue Man Casting, San Francisco OPEN CALL
For Blue Men Only
Wednesday, June 1st
10am to 4pm
ACT Studios
30 Grant Avenue, 8th floor
San Francisco, CA

If you meet the physical requirements, you are welcome to attend the open call between 10am and 4pm.

We accept submissions for Blue Men throughout the year for productions around the globe. Being a part of Blue Man Group is unlike any other gig. If you think you have the right combination of talent, charisma and energy, we invite you to dig deeper and explore our world. There may be a place in it for you.

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