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23 Nov – 26 Nov Casting Call / Audition for STRANIERI
Casting notice posted on auditionsfree.com, casting location: Pittsburgh
The information for the production of *STRANIERI*:
A live theatre/film performance on a stage that uses state-of-the-art technology (very new, experimental) to intertwine film on screen into the story controlled by the actors and dancers themselves. The technology is interaction-based and features seamless relationship between stage and screen.

Four people from different parts of the world, live together in a derelict
hideout in a country that does not want them. Each have a haunted past that
becomes relived when moments in the present remind them of these memories.
Their confined relationships turn into friendships, however their existence
together is always threatened by social xenophobia.

Once casting is done, actors will be expected to attend 2 rehearsals and 2 live performances.
Characters involve 2 male roles and 2 female roles who represent different archetypes.

*two 2-hour rehearsals* starting *this week, 20 nov.* that will be flexible
to actors’ schedules.
Memorization of lines (6-7 separate dialogue)
*No dance experience required, however it is recommended.
*7-9 minute* Performances on 1 dec.(thursday)* and
possibly *7 dec (wednesday)*.
Performance will be filmed, and given to actors/dancers for personal
showcase reel.

This is directed by Carnegie Mellon University film/theater student director in collaboration with Entertainment Technology Center.

Casting Location: Pittsburgh
Contact email: stranieri.production@gmail.com

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