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Casting notice posted on auditionsfree.com, casting location: Pittsburgh
We are now casting for stage-play production at a Pittsburgh Theatre! We need African American and Caucasian roles to be filled. The following descriptions of actors are encouraged to apply:

Please respond with HEADSHOT, AGE, LOCATION, RESUME (if you have one), TELEPHONE NUMBER and AVAILABILITY to the following email address:

In summary, this story is about bridging the barrier between Whites and Blacks for the wellbeing of both races. It has received outstanding critical reviews and the people here in Pittsburgh are excited to see it come to life on stage!

PAUL—30: Paul is Caucasian. He plays the role of an abolitionist. His character is as strong as a lion yet as soft as satin. He is a very compassionate man. We are looking for an actor who will be able to play two totally opposite roles. Paul, an abolitionist, will also play the role of a slave owner.

MERNA-25—Merna is African American. She plays the role of a slave. Her character comes across as passive yet she withholds a strong passion for life and the way things should be.

ABRAHAM-25—Abraham is African American. He plays the role of Merna’s love interest. He MUST be able to speak loudly in a preacher-like fashion. He must possess a strong personality which needs to be exerted on stage!

ABRAHAM 7TH-25- Abraham the 7th is African American. He is a descendent of Abraham the first. He will be 25 as well. Abraham needs to be well spoken yet possess thug-like qualities (styles of speaking mannerisms etcetera)

AGATHA-18— Agatha is Caucasian. She is a kind hearted woman who is the daughter of two slave owners. She is kind hearted, ambitious, and well-spoken.

ANNABELLE-30—Annabelle is Caucasian. She plays the wife of the slave master. She is rude and possesses a zero tolerance sort of demeanor.

JUDITH-7 Judith is Caucasian. She plays the daughter of the slave masters as well as the sister of Agatha. Her role is awfully small yet the child must possess the ability to act well on stage. We will settle for somebody who is much older than seven years old as long as she is able to be transformed into a seven year old. She must be under 4’11.

SLAVES (4)- We need four people to play slaves (African American). The slaves ARE NOT extras. They do have speaking roles in the first and last scene however their dialogue is at a minimum. These parts would be perfect for actors/actresses looking to get their feet wet in the field!

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Casting Location: Pittsburgh
Contact email: iFAMEcasting@gmail.com

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