Reality TV – Nationwide search for the perfect woman


Lionsgate TV, Reality TV producers, Mystic Arts Pictures and a major cable TV network are having a nationwide search for the perfect woman for a new TV reality show.

Now casting Consummate!

Do you believe you are the perfect woman? Do others ask “How does she do it”? Are you the picture of perfection?

Looking for a woman who is completely put together no matter what the circumstances.

  • A true perfectionist
  • Always pulls it together
  • Runs the household perfectly with a smile.
  • Organized better that the top TV organizers.
  • A great smile at all times
  • Bubbly and warm
  • Can party planners take lessons from you?
  • Queen of the dinner parties
  • Do people think you have it all?

A new series is looking for 5 woman who fit the above!

Casting women in their 30’s to 40’s who are married, single or divorced – working or not that can keep it all together beautifully.

For more information about being on the show please email

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