‘In Living Color’ Auditions 2012


Comics, Tryout for FOX’s ‘In Living Color’

In Living Color, The hit comedy sketch show from the 90’s is coming back!

and you have a chance to Try out for ‘In Living Color’

In Living Color was the comedy show that made the Wayans brothers a household name a decade ago. The show will be coming back to TV and is now casting comedians for the show.

The original show, In Living Color aired on FOX from April 15, 1990 to May 19, 1994. The show was created by Keenen and Damon Wayans. The Wayans brothers also starred in the show and created many unforgettable characters during that time. Kim, Shawn and Marlon Wayans also had roles on the show. The show also propelled Jim Carey and Jamie Foxx to stardom. Jim Carey and Jamie Foxx had recurring roles on the show and were unknown to most people until then. In Living Color also used regular dancers which they called ‘the Fly Girls’.

FOX Television will air two ‘In Living Color’ TV specials in 2012 and those 2 shows are a great place to be if you are an up and coming comic or are funny enough to get cast.

Tryouts for In Living Color are coming to The Laugh Factory in Chicago, Illinois on the 20th of December.

Jamie Masada, who owns the Laugh Factory in Chicago, along with the FOX Network will host the open casting call. If you do not live in Chicago, there are plans to allow for online auditions and the submission of applications and online videos for comics through a website. The website is not yet open for submissions, but will be in early 2012.

For now, to be seen by the casting directors you need to attend the open call or drop off a tape at the venue.

Here is the address for the Laugh Factory:

In Living Color auditions

December 20th, , 11 a.m.-3 p.m.
Laugh Factory
3175 N. Broadway

Mr Masada, of the Laugh Factory had this to say about the Chicago auditions

“We are hoping to discover comic talent who can”t afford to make the trip to Los Angeles or may not have representation,”

He also added that “any comic can drop off a tape or ask to be taped at the location. Anyone who is chosen to be seen by network executives will be flown to Hollywood by the Laugh Factory.”

The new In Living Color has been casting in the Los Angeles area and the Chicago casting call will help out comics who cannot come to Los Angeles.

For those who live in Chicago and have questions about the try outs, you can call the Laugh Factory at 773-327-3175 for more information.

7 thoughts on “‘In Living Color’ Auditions 2012

  1. Rochelle Underdue

    In living color was the thing to watch in my chilhood years ((= They had some of the best comedians like the Wayans family, Tommy Davidson, David Allen Grier and Jim Carrey. They also a had great dancers including Jennifer Lopez.To dance on the show would be an amazing experience. I can only hope say one day that i was a fly girl. I think to that would be pretty cool to say. Rochelle

  2. Matthew Coordes

    The world needs laughter, especially, these days.
    When your making people laugh, your placing a long lasting bandage on an otherwise, painful wound for whatever reason it was caused.
    It would be an honor to be apart of it:-)

  3. Willie Turner

    Man I don’t care who got next, I’m taking mine now..

  4. Keiran White


  5. Rene Napoli

    In Living Color is a funny show, and Mad TV was great.

  6. Ryan Thompson

    They should have just kept Mad TV in production instead. Fox has a history of not taking care of their comedy shows. Remember all the actors who disappeared from In Living Color the last 2 seasons it was on? And Mad TV, with a few exceptions, had a really high cast turnover rate. 😛 They got sloppy in the early 2000s when they advertised episodes as being brand new, when in reality it was just the first 20 minutes that was new and then the rest of the show was segments from old episodes billed as “Mad TV Classics”. Fucking lazy shit


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