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Audition posted by the Tour Manager
Casting notice posted on, casting location: Oakland Caifornia

Need “Day Players” for acting gig for a Hit Show in Oakland California July 29th 2011 7pm

The chosen actors will delivery a small but very powerful, potent piece while standing in the audience during the show when you are cued to stand up at your seat.

Here’s the set up for your part:
Each of you is seated in different locations in the audience during the show unbeknown to the audience, and when you are cued you actually stand up and come back from the dead. You are begging to be forgiven for what you did to the main character. You want to rest in peace. You are confronted my the main character as she walks off stage towards you and a verbal struggle ensues between the two of you, then you plead for forgiveness and explain your faults and why you did what you did to her when she was a child then you sit down after the main character forgives you.

Need 3 actors-

1 Female 20-30 dark skinned (feminine long hair or weave)

1 Male 20-30 Light skinned bald (muscular build)

1 Male 20-30 Light skinned bald (muscular build)

Actors must be able to be available for 1 technical rehearsal the day of the show and 1 face to face rehearsal with the main actor the day before the show

Auditions will be held on “skype” .

Send Head Shots to
call 786-251-6488

Casting Location: Oakland Caifornia
Contact email:

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