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By | August 14, 2011

Casting notice posted on, casting location: Boston, MA
If you are looking for the experience or wish to add to your reel please
send your headshot/resume. To book a specific time, please include (any and
all questions welcome)

We are a small, but determined, group of film makers out of Waltham MA.
Preproduction has all but rapped and we still need to fill at least eight
roles to begin shooting our thesis film “Venue.”

Audition Dates: Aug. 20th, 21 (Sat-Sun)

Shoot dates are still being finalized but we expect the first round of
shooting to be three back-to back days during the week and would essentially
be a “9-5” schedule.

Those auditioning for the more minor characters: John, Corey, Matt and
Kristen would not necessarily be needed for the entire shoot.

Dennis and Jacob, the two sole members of a punk band , are in for a series
of life-changing experiences during a gig. Dennis sees this show as the
perfect opportunity to both promote the band and win the heart of Kristen, a
more successful musician from another group. Jacob, Dennis’ best friend, is
there for support and to forget about his tumultuous life outside of music.
But as the night wears on, the two band-mates have their self-images turned
inside out. By the end of the night, neither of the two are in a place they
could have guessed they’d in be the day before.


A mid-20’s, skinny local kid who is a part of his town’s music scene. Dennis
is an extremely ambitious musician who desires fame, money, and the heart of
Kristen. He tries to mask his aspirations under a carefree exterior, but his need for attention always rises to the surface. This attitude often leads him to try too hard to gain affection. He becomes very envious when others receive more recognition than him, especially his bandmate Jacob. Despite this, Dennis does care for Jacob and views him almost as if he were a little brother.

A mid-20’s skinny local kid who is the number-two-man in Dennis’ band. Jacob
has just suffered the loss of his fiancee, which has left him emotionally
scarred and self-destructive. A former Christian, he now doesn’t seem care
where the consequences of his reckless behavior may lead him. Unlike Dennis,
he has no ambitions for fame or glory, but rather for pure self-indulgence
(i.e. drinking, drugs, sex). Jacob is drawn Lauren because of her similar,
uninspired attitude. Although, under the influence for most of the story, he
is shown to be quite intelligent.

A mid-20’s wandering bohemian girl who is just looking for a good time. Like
Jacob, she is all about indulging herself, but her outlook on life is less
hostile than his. She is not as pessimistic, and chooses to just live in the
moment rather than dwell on the past and the future. She is very outgoing
and friendly to everyone she meets, but she can also be careless and naive
about how her actions effect others, especially Dennis. She soon becomes
infatuated with Jacob and his dark philosophy.

A mid-20’s musician who has achieved moderate fame and fortune. She is
highly motivated by the success of her group, which has made her snobbish
and conceited. She sees unsuccessful people like Dennis as pathetic, and is
creeped out by his attempts to gain her affection.

Kristen’s boyfriend and head of another band. He shares Kristen’s poor
opinion of Dennis and is very protective of her whenever he is around.

Member of another band and an acquaintance of Dennis and Jacob. He’s there
on his own accord to have a fun night and becomes annoyed by Dennis’

A member of Matt’s band. He’s completely unaware of Dennis’ presence.

Auditions will be held @

CDIA Building
Studio B
274 Moody Street
Waltham, MA 02453

Sign in sheets and copies will be available in the lobby.
Street parking is sparse at best, however parking fees for meters will be
For advanced copies of sides please contact above listed email.

Thanks and we look forward to your response!

Casting Location: Boston, MA
Contact email:

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