Surprise Someone You Love with a song


Do you have someone you really want to surprise?
Surprise with a song!!

Los Angeles Auditions for singers who want to really surprise a loved one. You’ve heard of a flash mob, how about a flash musical?

Really surprise someone you love and Sing Your Heart Out to them on TV!

Have you ever been tongue-tied and wish you could break out into a song that says what you can’t? Does music express your feelings better than words?

Do you want to propose?
Tell your best friend you’re ready for romance?
Win back your ex?
Celebrate your anniversary?
Say you’re sorry?

If you can sing and dance, a new reality show will help you stage
a spectacular SURPRISE PERFORMANCE that could change your life!!

In order to make your flash musical a surprise, DO NOT TALK about your auditions to anyone!!

Email with photos, contact info and a brief paragraph about your dream flash musical or call 818-850-5696 for more information

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