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Casting notice posted on, casting location: Houston
the Red Door Theatre Company is excited to announce that they will be producing Lil’ Miss Lovelady, by local playwright John Grimmett.

We are looking to fill the role of “Bubba Vickers” ASAP – Male actors between 12 & 25 years old, please. Please contact our Company Manager, Tiffany Blair Velez, if you are interested. (contact info listed below)

Tiffany Blair Velez – email:; theatre number: 281.542.0500

Rehearsal Schedule (starting immediately): Wednesday – Friday 6:30pm – 9:00pm; Saturday 3:30pm – 6:30pm; Week before opening rehearsal are Tuesday – Thursday 6:30pm – 10:00pm

Production Dates: June 3, 4, 10, 11, 17, 18 @ 7:30pm;
June 5, 12, 19 @ 3:30pm

We have included a short synopsis, character list and playwright bio for your convenience.

RDTC is a non-profit theatre company who believes strongly in the creation of new and re-mixed theatrical pieces.

the Red Door Theatre Company
4513 Red Bluff Road
Pasadena, TX 77503
For any question regarding auditions or future productions please contact our Company Manger, Tiffany Blair Velez

In 1984, the annual Lil’ Miss Lovelady Pageant is, perhaps, the most talked about event of the year in Lovelady, Texas: just ask Emma James, who has won the pageant the last five years. And everyone knows that Emma James (but more likely her crazy mother, Candy) will stop at nothing to retain the title and the crown, the town’s most coveted possession. The contest becomes complicated, however, when Mary Beth Vickers – Candy’s rival from high school ever since a tragic incident at their senior prom – decides to disguise her son, Bubba, as a girl to run against Emma in the pageant! Aided by her best friend, Brandine, Mary Beth sets out to cast Candy into the shades of disgrace and knock Emma off her thrown through a series of unfortunately hysterical and gender-bending events.

Mary Beth Vickers – “female” – late 30s/early 40s – Mary Beth is the main character of the play. She plots to ruin Candy by entering her son in the Lil’ Miss Lovelady Pageant. It is preferable that this role be performed as a man dressed as a woman, but a woman may play the role, if necessary. Comic timing is a must.

Brandine Dickerson – “female” – late 30s/early 40s – Brandine is Mary Beth’s best friend. Often the voice of reason, Brandine is a sassy character and, at times, the only one with any sort of common sense. It is preferable that this role be performed as a man dressed as a woman, but a woman may play the role, if necessary.

Bubba Vickers – male – up to age 25 – Bubba is Mary Beth’s son. He is the opposite of feminine, very boyish; he loves to play baseball, and he is quite good at it. This role can be played by a young boy or a young man, but we must believe that he is Mary Beth’s son and that he is of athletic potential/ability. Regardless

Candy James – female – late 30s/early 40s – Candy is the mother of Emma James, the winner of the Lil’ Miss Lovelady Pageant for the last five years. She is narcissistic, overbearing, and deceitful, all the while touting the beliefs of Christianity and kindness as justifications for her actions. This role is a major role, and the actress who performs the role must be able to show the dynamic contrast between the comedy of dual natures and the tragedy of selfishness.

Emma James – female – late 20s – Emma is the current Lil’ Miss Lovelady Pageant winner and has been for the last five years. She is a beautiful girl, and she longs for a life free from her mother’s control; in other words, she wants to discover the person behind the tiara.

The Mayor – male – any age, although it helps if he seems the same age or a little bit older than Mary Beth – The Mayor of Lovelady, Texas, has a secret: he likes to dress in women’s clothing and wear makeup. He is constantly used as a target for Mary Beth and Candy’s blackmail, although (being a politician) he has a few tricks up his sleeve! This role is mostly comic, although it has its serious moments; the actor should have a good balance between comic and serious instincts, as well as look stunning in a pair of heels.

JOHN GRIMMETT is a composer, lyricist and playwright. A graduate of the University of Houston with a degree in Music Education, Mr. Grimmett has been mentored by some of the most important musical and theatrical voices of the twentieth century, including Edward Albee, Ann and Stuart Ostrow, and David Ashley White. As a director, he has directed musical productions at the University of Houston and Rice University, as well as assisted in the musical direction of Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat, the 2011 Senior Musical Production at Clear Lake High School in collaboration with the Red Door Theatre Company. Mr. Grimmett is a member of the Dramatists Guild of America, and he will begin graduate study at New York University next fall at the Tisch School of the Arts in the Graduate Musical Theatre Writing Program.

LIL’ MISS LOVELADY is the first fully-staged production of his theatrical works.

Casting Location: Houston
Contact email:

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  1. Keith Brumfield

    Calling all actors and actresses! Class Act Productions is having auditions this Saturday, September 12, for Fiddler on the Roof. This is going to be an absolutely amazing show! If you are between the ages of 8-20 and looking for a great opportunity to be a part of this amazing production.

    Auditions will be held at
    Class Act Studio
    25275 Budde Road, Suite 25
    The Woodlands, TX 77380


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