Thriller Live! World Tour Open Call


Singer Auditions for Michael Jackson Thriller Live! World Tour

Open Call
Monday, September 26, 2011
Alley Kat Studios
145 North Gordon Street
(Between Sunset & Fountain)

Invited Auditions*
Tuesday, Sept. 27 and Wednesday, Sept. 28, 2011
Alley Kat Studios
145 North Gordon Street
(Between Sunset & Fountain)
*contact your agent for an appointment

Please prepare two contrasting Michael Jackson songs that show your full range, bring a picture/resume, and be prepared to wait.

Watch this video for audition tips from the casting directors:

Audition for one of these five principle tracks in Thriller Live!
Man 1: Excellent soul/funk voice, very high baritone or tenor, sustained top B in chest and high D in strong mix, also needs great personal warmth and charm, think Marvin Gaye meets James Brown meets James Ingram.

Man 2: Excellent soul/funk voice, with exquisite falsetto, tenor, top B in chest and minimum high F in falsetto, needs very strong movement skills, think Sam Cooke meets Usher

Man 3: Excellent rock/funk voice and incredible range, high tenor, minimum sustained top C in full voice with high F in rock scream/falsetto, think Jon Bon Jovi meets Lenny Kravitz

Female Lead: Soulful, powerful, and charismatic voice of enormous polish and elegance, think Patti La Belle meets Christina Aguilera. Attractive and Sexy.

Young Male Performer: To play age 10-14, African-American/dual heritage, to sing the songs of the young Michael Jackson, with an excellent unbroken pop/rock voice with a high range, exciting, confident, and energetic performer, must have a very high range to high Gb in full voice and high Ab in head, keys cannot be lowered for voices that are changing, also needs strong movement skills.

For more information about THRILLER LIVE visit:

For more information about auditioning and Duncan Stewart and Company visit:

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