Top Model Tryouts 2012 / 2011

America’s Next Top Model is back for a brand new cycle! Cycle 18 is now casting and the full open call schedule for ANTM has been posted.

For ladies that can not make it to a casting call, producers have set up a video submission process.

This season ANTM (America’s Next Top Model) is seeking girls 18 to 27 that are at least 5’7″ in height. They are also seeking plus size models for the show.

Aspiring models wanting to be on the show need to make a 3 minute video tape, fill out an application and attach 3 photos. The application then needs to be mailed in to Top Model producers by a deadline of July 15th, 2011.

Here is what you need to do:

Download the application here

Download the eligibility requirements and read them, more detailed instructions are on that document. Get it here

You must mail the following:

Completed Participant Application (including a Release and Waiver signed by you)
Three-minute videotape labeled clearly with your name and the code (see  below) corresponding with the location nearest you.
(1) East
(2) Midwest
(3) South
(4) West
Part of your video should at least include you showing us your best runway walk.
Three photographs of yourself, each clearly labeled on the back with your name and the code from above.
One must be a close-up of your face, the second must be a full-length photograph of your entire (clothed) body, and the third must be a full-length photograph of you wearing a swimsuit, and one of these three photographs may be in black and white.
Please note that the Producers are looking for a variety of models including plus size models.
Polaroids are acceptable as long as you are clearly visible.
Legible copies of your: 1) United States passport and driver’s license; OR 2) social security card and birth

The mailing address for application is:

America’s Next Top Model (write in code from list below _____)*

2801 Ocean Park Boulevard

Santa Monica, California 90405

Info for the mailing label:

In parenthesis after “America’s Next Top Model” on the mailing label, print the code for the location (see codes above)

more information about Top Model show submissions:

· Length: Maximum length is three (3) minutes. Anything over three (3) minutes will not be considered.

· Format: DVD or VHS only (no mini-DV, Hi-8, 8mm or VHS-C). To transfer the other formats to VHS,

simply connect your camera to your VCR and record.  Note we are accepting DVDs as well.

· Content: Tell us who you are and why you would make the ultimate top model. Be creative! Part of your

video should at least include you showing us your best runway walk.

No Music: Please do not include any music in your audition tape.

·DEADLINE: The application deadline for individual videotape submissions will be Midnight, PST,

Friday, July 15, 2011

If you want to attend an open call for Top Model and meet producers face to face, you can check out the Cycle 18 Top Model Tryouts schedule

** Update – The 2012 ANTM tryouts are here – check out the full audition schedule for America’s Next op Model cycle 19

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  1. Ahneesha Gilder

    Hello my name is Ahneesha Gilder and modeling is and has always been a dream of mine. I just graduated High School and I turn 18 in just 14 more days. I have been watching ANTM ever since I was a little girl and now my time is almost here when I can actually try out. People have always told me that I cant to it and at a point of time I believed them but it is my dream and I just can’t let it slip away. They tell me your very pretty but your not skinny or they say to bad you just missed the height requirement. I have seen before that exceptions have been made and I know I am worthy enough and passionate enough to get and exception. I really hope that you will take this comment into consideration. I really believe I can do great things. I have been practicing and putting my heart and soul into this for so long and I will never give up.

  2. lavonda dumas

    hi my name is lavonda and I am interested in being a model i want to now. When is cycle 20 coming? I want more information on it can, u please send me an email.

  3. Jaquel Bright

    Hello my name is Jaquel im an african american and i live in fort wayne.IN…I need more information about auditions

  4. Salta

    Can ANTM do exception if I currently hold US visa and am not a US citizen?
    I am 5’7′ tall and 115 lb!

  5. Liz

    i was also interested in knowing when the casting calls would be listed for this year. my email is season 17 just ended, and the submission deadline is already 6 months past!

  6. Linda Guadarrama

    Hello i am 19 years old and my passion is Modeling and i absolutely love Americas Next Top Model and wish to be in it one day, but the only problem with me is that i am 5,2 102lbs 🙁 i wish to be taller, but i would love to know if you guys would open up to a cycle one day to fit my size. thank you very much.

  7. faye

    hello i am 18 years old and a 2nd year college student. I would like to know when is the next cycle audition since I missed the last one last year around june. I’ve noticed tryouts were last year so when wil they be this year??

  8. Miranda Harrison

    Hello 🙂 i am only 5’4 and i’m 18 but and wanna know when u will have a cycle for my size? Please let me know, this is my dream and i will do everything in my will to pursue it! God bless

  9. Cathy Douangmany

    I am 5?7 and good looking/cute for an Asian American. I don’t see that much Asian girls on America’s Next top Model so I think I should have a chance to be on there to represent my culture and race! Besides, I have enough confidence and swag!

  10. Qeuna fisher

    Hi my name is Qeuna Fisher I am 21 and am 125 pounds an am 5_9 I am currently taking modeling class for I & I modeling an talent agency in Kansas City Missouri the problems are payin the coaches I would really love to model for you guys please email me more info on this at thanks.

  11. kieara sandifer

    hi im kieara sandifer & im 18 years old & i am interested in modeling. i’m 5’5 and i weigh 115lbs. and i beleive everybody has a talent and deserves to succeed in life. in order to fulfill my dreams. i was wondering when are the next casting auditions near louisiana? you can email me details at thanks 🙂

  12. Jessica Benton

    Hi, I’m Jessica Benton. I’ve always wanted to be a model since I was a little girl, but the only thing that’s a problem I’m only 5’3. So I wanted to know could I still have a chance on the show, and since I’m too late for cycle 18 could I be on the next show. When are the auditions for the next season. My email address is thanks again.!!

  13. angelica jones

    I’m 17years of age soon i will be turning 18 on feb 17 i am 5’3 143 lbs i am still working on my weight i have great bone structure and also graduated from barbizon modeling school when i was 4/5 im just wondering when are there going to be auditions in phoenix arizina i would love to be on the show

  14. elisa martinez

    I will be 27 this December. I am deaf/hearing impaired and would love to try this challenge. I have been told I look younger than my current age and can walk in high heels like 5inches and up. I am only 5 6 but am the tallest one on my mom’s side family. I would prefer to receive email notification for the next cycle audition. It will help me a lot to find out than on voice mail.

  15. as

    I really need to kno if its post marked my today or has to arrive before today cus I jus sent my app and I’m stressed please help. Does n e one kno

  16. Keanna garner

    I get told on a daily basis that I need to be modeling, I tried out before on the short model search via mail and did not receive a call back. I am the fiercest 5’2″ model that can conquer the runway like a 5’7″ girl. I really would like the chance to prove to the world what I could do! Find me on facebook keanna garner from Seattle. I look forward to future shorter model searches and hopefully to hear back this time…thank you

  17. Gabby

    Does the video need to arrive in Santa Monica on the 15th or can it be postmarked sent on the 15th and arrive at a later day?

  18. Gloria

    I’m only 17 years of age and I have no modeling experience because I don’t know how to get started. I would love an opportunity to model for an agency because its my dream. I’m 5”11 1/2 and very thin in the waist. When I turn 18 in December, I’m most definately trying out for Top Model.

  19. When is cycle 19???. I would LOVE to be ANTM. Modeling is my TRUE passion. I’ll be 18 Feb. 07, 2012.

  20. Randi Tuetken

    I am interested in making your casting call on June 29 in Kansas City. However, I will not be turning 18 until Feb.14 2012 will I need to wait for the next cycle?

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