TV Pilot Auditions


Game Over – TV Pilot – PA

Casting for a new TV pilot, GAME OVER. Game Over is a half hour comedy about employees working at a video game store. In each episode the employees find themselves in varying situations as they interact with store duties, customers, other stores in the shopping center and each other.

This is (currently) a non-union shoot.

All principle roles are paid.

Food will always be available on set.

This project will be IMDB eligible.

Filming will take place in Drexel Hill, PA and will be filmed over consecutive Sundays in March.

All roles require a certain level of comic timing and physical comedy.


Wade – 40 – Caucasian, bald, overweight. Manager of the store. Wade still lives with his parent. While Wade is the manager he still is friends with the employees.

Jason – 21 – Caucasian, average build. Jason is in college and he dreams of being a novelist. Jason is more laid back then his co-workers.

Trey -25 – Caucasian, thin. Trey is a pro gamer whose not quite good enough to make a living from it yet. Trey is a gaming elitist, looking down on people who buy games he doesn?t think are good.

Jim – 40-50 – Caucasian, unkempt appearance, obviously older Jim swears he?s younger than what he looks. Jim makes crazy outrageous statements. Jim is a casual gamer. He lives with Brock.

Brock -20’s – Open race. Brock is slacker who does as little as possible. He?s a gaming addict who loves all games from PC to consoles to playing on his cell phone. He lives with Jim.

Van Berg – 20’s. Caucasian. Works at a super market in the strip mall. Very creepy acting. While Van Berg usually means well he ends screwing everything up.


Officer Walter – 30’s Caucasian. Overweight. Walter is the security office of the strip mall. He takes his job way too seriously and is the target of jokes by the employees.

Jerry Gerbil – 20’s Open Race. Jerry Gerbil is a mascot that works at a local kids party/entertainment restaurant.

Dr. Watson – 40’s – Open race. A college English professor who appears from time to time usually to give advice to Jason.

Valerie-20’s. Caucasian. Cute,fun,stylish. Very personable girl, Valerie works as a DJ and frequents the store since her brother Trey works there.

Lei -20’s. Filipino. She comes into the store from time to time to give reports back to her father.

Customers – We will need several people from varying ages and races to play store owners and customers.

Audition Process:

1. Auditions will be held at Sun Center Studios in Aston, PA.

Auditions will only by appointment only.

Please submit a headshot along with resume to
Please put the NAME of the character you?re submitting for in the subject line.

2. If you?re not asked to the audition process, please don?t be discouraged as we?re expecting an influx of submissions PLUS we will need a plethora of additional actors to play later roles as the series continues.

We are allowing actors to submit video auditions along with any headshots, etc.

Produced by: Chris Pierdomenico & Dave Bullis
Director: Dave Bullis Written By: Dave Bullis & Michael O?Donnell