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Casting Call Info:
TV Show Currently Casting:
Are you having issues with your relationship?

***Trust problems?
***Have you been wronged by them?
***Suspect them of cheating? Need to prove you’re not?
***Did you boyfriend sleep with you best friend or mother?

AVAILABLE: DNA tests, lie detector, drug tests

Having conflict with a relative?


CALL 646-651-1948

Location: USA

Please email: 646-651-1948 or

2 thoughts on “TV Show Currently Casting

  1. bob

    I have already gave $19.99 when I first signed up but so far your web site never allows me to sign up for any auditions please tell me what I’m doing wrong or are u gonna leave me hanging like a lot of people are saying happened to them come on help a fella out would ya thanks

    1. free audition listings Post author

      Not sure what you are talking about. There is NO charge for the information or any sign up process. To apply simply follow the directions for whatever casting you are looking at, i.e. send email to email address listed or attend the open call – those are your options.

      I think you are confused with some other site, we do not have a sign up process or user accounts of anykind


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