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Casting notice posted on, casting location: South Manchester UK
I am casting for a 20-25 minute short film that I have written. The film is called ‘Layney’ and it’s about a girl who has grown up in care, but has recently been fostered by a couple (Julianna and Frenkstern) Layney has emotional and behavioural problems, and regularly takes drugs and drinks alcohol. She is also regularly in trouble with the police, and at her last court appearance the judge ruled that Layney has to attend a young offenders school unit, which takes in young offenders aged between 18 – 25 Monday to Friday, to give them something constructive to do, and so they can learn lessons that they never did at school, in order to gain qualifications. This short film sees Layney’s emotional and behavioural problems both at home and at the unit.
All involved will get a copy of the film, and an invite to one of the screenings. At the end of the film, there will be outtakes, behind the scenes footage, and interviews with the cast and the director.
I will be sending the film to agents, directors, producers and film festivals.
I am currently writing the feature length version to ‘Layney’

All rehearsals and filming will be shot in south manchester UK. I can only pay travel expenses, and that only applies if you are coming from within the Manchester area. If you are coming out of that area, I will not be able to.

I need the following actors;

A 35 – 45 year old female actor to play layney’s foster mum ‘Julianna’ This role includes physical acting. Must be white/caucasion

A 35 – 45 year old male actor to play Layney’s foster dad ‘Frenkstern. Actor MUST be able to do a German accent. This role has about 8 lines. Must be white/caucasion

A 35 – 45 year old female actor to play the role of ‘Helena’ who is a support worker at the young offenders school unit. She must be white/caucasion, and able to play a motherley role. This role includes physical acting.

A black male actor, to play age between 35 – 45 years old, for the role of Jay, one of the teachers at the young offenders unit. This role requires physical acting. London accent an advantage but not essential.

A black/mixed race female actor to play aged between 18 – 25, for the role of ‘Macey’ a young offender, at the unit. Physical acting involved in this. must be able to act very cocky.

A female actor to play aged between 18 -25 for the role of Rihanna, a young offender at the unit. Ethnicity not important.

15 extras also needed for the film.

Rehearsals start from 5th – 8th December, and filming is over 2 days on 12th and 13th December. Individual times and dates depend on the charactor.

Please email me at, if you are interested.

Casting Location: South Manchester UK
Contact email:

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