“What Not To Wear” Casting Call

By | April 19, 2011

TLC / Discovery is now taking nominations for the makeover show “What Not To Wear”.

Have a friend who deserves the “Worst Dressed” ever award… if there was such a thing. Well, now you can nominate your poorly dressed friend for “What Not To Wear”. Only casting females for the show, so please only nominate ladies.

Send Stacy and Clinton your craziest, wildest, most bizarre nominations for the worst-dressed woman you know. Currently, we are looking for New York City, Chicago, Minneapolis, Raleigh, Houston, area fashion failures.

NOW CASTING SPECIAL NYC EPISODE: Do you know a group of female friends whose wardrobes all seem to miss the mark? Where one friend wears frumpy vintage frocks, the other dresses like a hoochie, maybe one dresses from another decade, one’s clothing is too tight, or a recent weight loss and hasn’t updated her wardrobe to match her new body? Nominate this group ASAP as they could make it into an exciting What Not to Wear special!
If you think you know who is in need of a total fashion transformation and you are willing to help make the transformation happen, send the following to nominate her as soon as possible:
Your name, contact info (email and phone numbers):
Her name, age, size, city/state, a detailed description of why she stands out as one of the worst dressers. Be sure to put her name and City/State in the subject line:
Explain why you think she dresses the way she does:
Why should Stacy and Clinton help your nominee when she hasn’t bothered to help herself? (Hint: lack of money or self-esteem is NOT the answer we are looking for … those are usually part of everyone’s answer):

Make this nomination STAND OUT from all the others! We see a lot of them:

Be sure to include photographs that display her terrible style. We must be convinced by these photos!
*Remember, women only, and NO self-nominations are being accepted at this time!

2 thoughts on ““What Not To Wear” Casting Call

  1. Sylvia Hensel

    My Daughter has 5 lovely children. She has been working very hard to support them. She works for a Assisted living center,and is putting herself through school.(Paramedic), to better her and her family. I have had cancer, a stroke,and have been diagnosed with type two Diabetes. So if you have room for a mother and Daughter. Would be AWESOME!! Thank you for you Consideration.

  2. Marcus Mosqueda

    I am a high school teacher in San Jose, California. There is a teacher in the school that needs a 100% make-over, from fashion, make-up, to etiquette. She teaches drama and English, and is considered a free spirit. Many of the students claim that she freely lets out air in class, and states “It’s just natural.” Starting with a makeover would give her the knowledge and the skill to start changing her ways.


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