2 More Girls Wanted For Female Girls Group.!


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location: Atlanta, Ga

Category: Singers

Hi, girls we are still seeking our last 1 or 2 members . We’re really coming down to a deadline because we are in a rush to meet up with photographers, producers, record labels, and etc. We will be performing at gigs, and ect to get noticed. So if you can sing or rap and dance PLEASE email shay4840@yahoo.com ASAP . we are in a hurry so if you are ready for the industry ONLY and is not afraid to perform in front of your fans and etc and will like to join our GIRLS POSITIVE GROUP . email me ASAP !!!

Requirements: MUST live in Atlanta,Ga. If your located in Atlanta Ga We will be meeting this upcoming weekend with our manager. YES we already have a manager, this is how serious we are about creating this group. You MUST , I repeat you MUST be 17-24 yrs.old ( 16 depending on talent)! You MUST know how to sing or rap and you MUST be able to dance at least a little . you MUST be ready for late nights in the studios, practicing EVERY DAY and etc . Thanks ))

Job type: Paid

Job type: Paid

Casting Location: Atlanta, Ga
Contact email: reiaoguinn@aol.com

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