Actors for Video Shoot – DC area “Out America”

By | August 6, 2012

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location: D.C.

Category: Video


Project: #OurAmerica Video Poetry
Production Type: Web/Interactive
Country/State: USA Dist. Columbia
Town or Area: Washington D.C Metro Area
Start Date: August 11
Duration of job: One Day Shoot
Payment: Non-Union No Pay

Local talent only.


#OurAmerica is short video poetry project that describes the ins and out of living In America as well the global importance of having American Pride. The project touches on issues such as: politics, sports, war, economy, video games, religion, educational system, etc…

Looking for a diverse cast. Strong actors with a unique look that can convey emotion through eyes and facial expressions. Actors will provide own wardrobe for selected role. OPEN TO ANY ETHNICITY. (see breakdown). This is a one day shoot that should last 3-4 hours tops. Copy/Credit/Meal

1) Either Gender / Any Years. / Any Ethnicity
Politicians: 2 ROLES AVAILABLE 2 Politicians Male or Female in business suits. They are in different political parties and have two contrasting viewpoints on the direction of the country; but they do respect each other.

2) Male / Any Years. / Any Ethnicity
Rapper: (Will not be required to rap for filming) Mic will be provided. Should have movement rhythm. Will most likely mimic rapping with a beat boxer or mimic moving a crowd with hands.

3) Male / Any Years. / Any Ethnicity
Rocker: Preferably with longer hair. (dreads are acceptable). Must have guitar. (Will not be required to play for filming) However should look and feel comfortable with a guitar. High Energy and Electrifying energy.

4) Female / 18-24 Years. / Any Ethnicity
Female Model: She exudes the girl next door vibe, full of energy, quirky, ditsy, playful, friendly. She loves what she does and people around her it can feel it. Looking for someone who can display that energy in a series of poses/movements. (submit model reel/show reel if you have one) Will wear a bikini top, jean shorts, and sweater tied around waist. 5’7-5’11. Looking for a more commercial look. (Should be comfortable in bikini top)

5) Either Gender / Any Years. / Any Ethnicity
Athletes: 2 Roles Available Baseball Player: MUST HAVE Baseball pants, socks, glove, cap and or helmet. Football Player: Must own shoulder pads. WILL PAY $20 FOR ACTORS WITH WITH THE REQUIRED ATHLETIC GEAR.

6) Either Gender / 18-24 Years. / Hispanic
Foreigner: PREFERABLY HISPANIC OR ASIAN Came to the US on a student visa. Later obtained a worked visa. Has lived here, paid taxes here, and could pass for a model citizen, but work visa isn’t being extended and is having a hard time becoming a citizen.

7) Either Gender / 18-24 Years. / Any Ethnicity
High School Student (Could pass for HS): Not satisfied with the curriculum for high school students. He/She believes that the educational system could use a shake up to lead people down a path of more freedom, more money, less work. (True Millennium Kid)

8) Either Gender / 6-10 Years. / Any Ethnicity
Young Kids: 3-4 ROLES AVAILABLE between Ages 9-13. Boys or girls. Parents must be present and sign a waiver. Kids will hold signs saying what they’d like to be when they grow up.

9) Either Gender / 31-40 Years. / Any Ethnicity
Katrina Victim: Late 20’s early 30’s. Lost house and family to Hurricane Katrina. Forced to relocate. Still recovering from the life turning events.

10) Either Gender / 31-40 Years. / Any Ethnicity
Pension Victim: Perfect worker. Worked for only one company since graduating college. Invested in company pension plan from the very first day of employment. 10+ years later, company went bankrupt, everyone was laid off and lost pension plan.

11) Either Gender / 18-24 Years. / Any Ethnicity
Young Soldier: Went to war at age 18. Was injured in action and later sent home on a medical discharge. Still very proud to have served country. WILL PAY $15 FOR ACTOR WITH FULL MILITARY UNIFORM.

12) Male / 31-40 Years. / Any Ethnicity
Man in Ragged Clothes: (Preferably full beard) Beat down by life. Has no job, no home, little money. Does odd jobs to at least get a room in a bath house for the night. He’s looking for something to believe in, something to hope for. (Looking for someone who can express that emotional eyes and facial expressions.)

Job type: Other

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