African American Actors Needed for Commercial – Chicago


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location: Chicago,IL

Category: Web series

The following roles are needed:

African American Man #1: Age- 21-29. Very Attractive to Attactive, clean cut, urban. Stylish. Confident.

African American Woman #1: Age- 21-29: Pretty, upbeat, energetic, and urban. Lauren London or Megan Good attractive.

African American Man #2: Age 30-55 professional, stylish, well-groomed. Professional career man. Morriss Chestnut or Idris Elba attractive. Single, Eligible, Bachelor.

African American Woman #2: Age 30-55 professional career woman. Classy. Gabrielle Union or Lisa Raye type woman. Pretty. Sophisticated.

Audition by uploading a clip of the following to Youtube:

AA Men #1 & #2: Describe what makes you a good, black, man.

AA Women #1 & #2: Describe the current dating scene, and what you are looking for in a good black man.

* All talent must be single in real life.
*All talent must reside in Chicago.

Videos must be submitted no later than July 30th 2012 at midnight 12 a.m. (CST). Video with the most votes, comments, and or likes will be considered to be featured in a web commercial which will gain national exposure.

All Submissions must be sent to:

Job type: Other

Casting Location: Chicago,IL
Contact email:

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