Auditions for kids 7 to 16 – TV Pilot That’s My Kid


TV Pilot That’s My Kid
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location: NYC, NJ, PA, CT

Category: TV Pilots

That’s My Kid Productions is seeking children ages 7-16 all races. They will be portraying kids attempting to get on a reality show. There are four lead children roles. The main part storyline is about the lives of these four children performers and their relationships with their parents. Some of the parents are pushy stage moms types other are not. Non Union Performers only Deferred Pay. Copy provided. Auditions from late August-late September 2012 Weekend shoots.

We are also seeking actors portraying their moms and dads ages 30-40 M/F. Also a school Principal age 50-60 These are a bit more difficult roles.
Email photo resme video contact information to
Attn. Allison Valerie or Nanci

William age 9-11 Actor
Wants to be a wrestler not an actor
Mom and Dad pushy
Single mom 30-40 very kind and understanding

Sherri age 7-9 Actor
Pageant winner
Pushy parents dad mostly 30-40

Danelle and Roman age 11-14 Singer
Not very good singers
Pushy mom 30-40 no dad

Shelly age 12-15 Actor
Wants to horse trainer
Pushy mom 30-40

School Principal 50-60 years old any race male or female
Supporting roles
M/F TEACHERS ages 30-50

Job type: Other

Casting Location: NYC, NJ, PA, CT

One thought on “Auditions for kids 7 to 16 – TV Pilot That’s My Kid

  1. Samantha

    Hello, Now before I tell you about me, I wanna say that I wanna be on this show to start my acting career, not to meet some big time celebirty! Acting has been a dream of mine since a very very very young age. I want to be on this show more than the world. I have done my my school’s musicals/plays every year & I sing in my school’s chorus. I choose music over anything basically almost every day. This is my dream & I will do anything I can to make it come true..(:
    Name: Samantha
    Birthday: 9/10/98
    Hair: Brown
    Eyes: Brown
    Gender: Girl
    Skills: Singing & Acting & a very very little bit of dancing.

    I wanna sing & act for the rest of my life. I really wanna do something I love for the rest of my life. Like this quote says ‘You don’t wait for your dreams to happen, you make them happen.’ I wanna make my singing & acting dreams come true!(:


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