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location: Escondido, CA

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AUDITIONS for “PICNIC” (William Inge) at Patio Playhouse

Directed by Kristen Fogle and George Bailey

Produced by Jim Clevenger

Performance Dates: September 7-30, 2012

Audition Dates & Times: July 30 & 31, 2012 from 7:00 – 10:00pm
Audition Location: Patio Playhouse, 201 East Grand Ave, Escondido
Map to the theatre

Auditions will consist of cold readings from sides.

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Theatre Audition

William Inge’s Pulitzer Prize winner, PICNIC, takes place on two back porches during the preparations and aftermath of the town’s big Labor Day picnic. Women of PICNIC juggle pursuit of true love with the mundane reality of small town life and society’s conventional expectations of them.

Madge can pretend her life and boyfriend Alan are enough until a stranger arrives in town to fan her desires. Equilibrium succumbs when handsome Hal charms each of the women and ultimately destroy Madges’s faith in the American Dream.
Cast of Characters


Flo Owens– Flo is a woman who has worked hard to keep her family alive. The father to her children is long gone, so she has to be both mother and father to her two girls. She raises them cautiously, almost overbearingly, as she tries to lead them on the right path and make sure they are more successful in life than she turned out to be. Flo has big dreams for her daughters, and seems to live vicariously through them. She is hesitant about accepting outsiders, because she is very comfortable with the way she leads her life. (Age Range: 40?s – 50?s)

Madge Owens – Madge is a beautiful girl growing gracefully into adulthood. Some call her materialistic and conceited because she spends quite a bit of time with makeup and beauty products. She is not as naive as she may seem; she definitely has some hidden knowledge about the world. Madge may not open herself to many people, but she is able to relate to others if she tries. On the outside, she wants to be wealthy and gorgeous all her life. But on the inside, she is sick of always being the pretty one, and she just wants to find her place in the world. Madge desperately wants to be loved, and at first she thinks that Alan is enough for her. But getting to know Hal changes her completely. (Age Range: 18 – 26)

Millie Owens – Throughout most of the play, Millie is wild and tomboyish, yet she has a softer, more artsy side to her. Millie shows herself to the world as a tough kid, but she is really nervous about what other people think of her. She wants to be noticed, but in the right way. Millie wants to be somebody. She wants to experience city life and make a difference in the world. (Age Range: 14-20)

Helen Potts – A bit past her prime, Helen longs for the days when she was a wild young girl. She used to love going against the conventions and challenging authority, which has given her much wisdom in her older years. She is easygoing, still loves fun and wants to share her knowledge with the young people around her. (Age Range: 50?s – 60?s)

Hal Carter – Hal is young, handsome, crazy, impulsive and has seen some harsh times. He has been to reform school, a few colleges, a part of a fraternity, been chased by the police and claims other things that may or may not be true. He is a confident fellow, and he loves attention. He is capable of crumbling though, as shown after Rosemary’s vicious words. Hal has a soft inner side that really wants to be accepted and fit in somewhere. (Age Range: 22 – 28)

Alan Seymour – Alan is a rich young man looking to settle down with a beautiful girl. He loves Madge, whether their relationship is superficial or not. Alan is level-headed most of the time and tends to criticize those who make decisions without thinking them through. (Age Range: 22 – 28)

Bomber– A small character in the play, he tends to reinforce Madge’s beauty as well as criticize Millie for being the oddball. (Age Range: 16 – 20)

Rosemary Sydney – Rosemary is an aging schoolteacher who likes to call herself an independent. She brags about not having a man and doing whatever she wants. She tends to gossip with her friends and make eyes at Hal when he comes into the scene. She is rather unconventional for a schoolteacher, since she is not reserved and scholarly. She has a breakdown when she realizes that she is not as young as she’d like to be. Rosemary ends up begging Howard to marry her. (Age Range: 30?s – 50?s)

Howard Bevans – Howard is a businessman who is rather set in his way of life. He has accepted that this is all he can be and even decided that he may not get married and have a happy ending. He has been seeing Rosemary, but is not sure what she wants from him or where their relationship is going. He is easy to get along with but not extremely assertive of what he wants. Howard is a reasonable guy who does what he can to live each day. When Rosemary begs him to marry her, he is unsure what to say at first. He tries to tell her she is just drunk, but Rosemary is very persistent. He finally agrees to marry her and does his best to be happy about it even though he is unsure. (Age Range: 40?s – 50?s)

Irma Kronkite and Christine Schoenwalder – These two ladies are schoolteachers with Rosemary. They are slightly younger than Rosemary and definitely like gossip. Irma has known Rosemary for a bit longer, since Christine just moved to the town and started teaching there. (Age Range: 30?s – 50?s)

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Casting Location: Escondido, CA
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