Calling Astrology Lovers for Docu-series – Orlando

By | November 5, 2012

location: Orlando, FL

Category: Docu-series

Calling all astrology lovers! What if there was a better place for you to get your monthly horoscope fix than the internet? Really, how much can your monthly horoscope sign really tell about you personally? Will this be the month where you find true love or happiness, what about that raise at work, or connecting with a loved one who’s passed away? Well you are in luck! The town of Cassadaga, located just North of Orlando, has your very own psychic waiting to give you a personal reading-­?-­?FOR FREE!
Spectrum Productions is looking for fun, young, energetic astrology lovers looking for some insight into their love and relationship futures! We will be filming on Thursday, November 8th.
Contact us today to tell us a little about yourself! Thanks and we look forward to hearing from you!

Job type: Non Paid

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