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Calling all performers! We’re putting on a production of RENT, a hard-hitting rock musical that takes place in New York’s gritty alphabet city at the end of the millennium. The show follows eight young bohemians as they struggle with homelessness, homosexuality, love, hate, AIDS, and death. Rehearsals start end of August. Performance dates TBA, mid-late December in North Hollywood. Produced by Rowan Sutherland.

This show is being put on as a fundraiser for the AIDS Healthcare Foundation. There is no pay, however, this would be ideal for someone looking to build a resume or someone just looking to get involved with a show. We are in the process of casting incredible performers, have a fantastic director with a creative vision for the show, and an extremely experienced producer, all of whom are dedicated to making this production as amazing as possible.

Audition Dates:
Friday, August 10th 9AM-12PM, Saturday, August 11th 10AM-1PM
T.U. Studios, 10943 Camarillo Street
North Hollywood CA 91602

I look forward to your submissions!

We are seeking the characters:

Roger Davis
MALE. Tenor, early 20s. A once successful but now struggling musician who is HIV positive and an ex-junkie. He hopes to write one last meaningful song before he dies. He is having a hard time coping with the fact that he, along with many of the people he loves, are going to die long before they should. His girlfriend, April, killed herself after finding out they had HIV, and he has shut himself off from the outside world ever since. Roger is roommates with Mark. Generally portrayed Caucasian

Tom Collins
MALE. Baritone/tenor, early-mid 20s. A gay anarchist with AIDS. He is described by Mark as a “computer genius, teacher, and vagabond anarchist who ran naked through the Parthenon.” Collins dreams of opening a restaurant in Santa Fe, where the problems in New York will not affect him and his friends. He was formerly a roommate of Roger, Mark, Benny, and Maureen, then just Roger and Mark, until he moves in with Angel. Generally portrayed African American

Angel Dumott Schunard
MALE. Tenor, often with falsetto, early 20s. A young drag queen, street percussionist with AIDS. Angel is often described as the “glue” that holds the friends together, and has a positive outlook on life and its problems, despite the hard hand he has been dealt. He is Collins’s love interest. Generally portrayed hispanic, must be athletic and able to dance in heels

Maureen Johnson
FEMALE. Mezzo soprano/belter, early 20s. A bisexual (with lesbian tendencies) performance artist who is Mark’s ex-girlfriend and Joanne’s current girlfriend. She is very dramatic and flirtatious, and it is implied she cheated on Mark more than once. Despite her self-centered and wild tendencies, she truly cares about her friends and would do anything for them. Generally portrayed Caucasian with dark hair, must be in good physical shape with a strong high belting voice.

Benjamin ‘Benny’ Coffin III
MALE. Baritone/tenor, early-mid 20s. Landlord of Mark, Roger and Mimi’s apartment building and ex-roommate of Mark, Collins, Roger, and Maureen. Now married to Alison Grey of the Westport Greys, a very wealthy family involved in real estate, he is considered a “yuppie scum” and a sell-out by his ex-roommates due to his dreams of evacuating the tent city next door and starting a cyber arts studio. He initially promised Roger and Mark that they could live in the apartment for free, only to rescind the offer and threaten eviction. He is also Mimi’s ex-lover, although he considers himself her ex-boyfriend. Generally portrayed African American, must be a smooth talker, easy to love and hate simultaneously

Mrs. Cohen
Multi-cast as New Yorker/Bohemian/Life Support member and Mark’s stereotypical Jewish mother. Her voicemail messages are the basis for the songs Voicemail #1, Voicemail #3, and Voicemail #5. Alto/Mezzo soprano, extremely stereotypical

Alexi Darling
Multi-cast as New Yorker/Bohemian/Life Support member, she is the producer of Buzzline who tries to employ Mark after his footage of the riot makes primetime. Sings Voicemail #3 and Voicemail #4. Alto/Mezzo soprano, she is a typical sleazeball executive.

New Yorkers
While there are only 8 main characters, there are many minor roles that play integral roles in the musical, such as the Waiter, The Homeless Woman, The Preacher, Seasons of Love soloists, Cops, Bohemians, Vendors, Homeless People, and the Life Support members, most of whom have solos and featured roles throughout the show.

Job type: Non Paid

Casting Location: Los Angeles
Contact email:

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