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Generation Loss
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location: New York

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Generation Loss
Looking to cast voice actors for a stop animation, SUNY Purchase Junior Thesis film. This piece will star two radios, a father and a daughter, that speak through song, but are having difficulties communicating with one another. Eventually they manage to find a way to bond ending with a bittersweet, loving moment between father and daughter as they sing a song together.

Craig, played by an analog radio, is a single father who has dedicated himself to his daughter, Melody, after the passing of his wife. He is introverted, but caring, making every step he takes with Melody in mind.

Melody, played by an iPod, is an angsty adolescent teen going through boy problems. She is ignorant of how thoughtful and loving her father truly is and over the course of the film finds a new appreciation and gratitude for him.

Auditions are Tuesday, October 30th Time TBA
Please prepare a brief contemporary monolog and a song of your choice.

Auditions are made by appointment, please email if you are interested.
Thank you!

Job type: Non Paid

Casting Location: New York
Contact email:

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