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Girl Group
Casting notice posted on, casting location: Chicago, IL
Listen up ladies ! If you are between the ages of 12-13, this is your chance to be in a girl group ! I am 12 years old myself and I am looking for 3 other girls to colaborate with that can sing/rap and dance. You can audition by internet or phone (internet is more reliable). Go on YouTube and upload a video telling who you are and age along with your position. Then link it to hyperchickbabes’s page and I will review and respond as quickly as I can. Or you can email me including this information:
DOB(date of birth):
Stage Name:
Postition___: [ ] sing, [ ] dance, [ ] rap

*All rehearsals will be in the summer of 2012. This is not a spam, if you belive so feel free to contact me. *

Get ready to be on the road to fullfill your dreams of being rich and famous. Just contact me and your on your way !

Contact Information:
Facebook: Briana Hyprchick Griffin
Twitter: @AcesChilliFries
Email: hyperchickbabes@gmail
YouTube: hyperchickbabes

Casting Location: Chicago, IL
Contact email:

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    hi, we’re a girl group named perfectly swagged out. Its 3 of us but right now we’re looking for a girl age 13/15 who can sing or rap or do both. Our group is a lot of fun. we’re goofy and serious at the same time. If interested, please contact us at THANKS!!!!!!

  2. Amanda

    Hi my name is Amanda I am 14 I live in Chicago near the downtown area.I love to sing have been told that I have a good voice and also was thinking about starting my own singing group and would to me .

  3. alexia

    Hello my name is alexia guzman i live in chicago heights il. Singing is a passion of mine. Im putting together a groupd of girls to do verious auditions with me. Singing has to be a apassion and something you feel. People who are fun to be with and are NOT shy can join. PLEASE contact me at if you would like to join and be apart of this journey. 🙂

  4. idocia bennett

    hi my name is idocia bennett im 13 years old and i live in cairo georgia recently moved from miami florida my dob is 1/28/1999 im fun and cool to hang around but serious about getting famous i can sing kinda rusty at dancing but im easy to pick up on dance moves and songs and a good listener i write my own songs so yea lol had alot to say facebook bennett.idociaand thats all lol

  5. detejae

    I Wud but I’m 15

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