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Low-Budget Indie Feature Film Production dates between 8/27/12 and 9/19/12 of “BOYS WILL BE BOYS”, our Racy Art Independent Though-Provoking Ground-Breaking Epic Motion-Picture Event/Feature-Film about a Bisexual, Down-Low, NCAA-Basketball-Player, Athlete, NBA-Potential-Number-One-Draft-Pick, Gang-Banger, Rapper-Wanna-Be, who impregnates his private/secret Gay-Boy-Homie-Lover-Friend, who turns out to be a Rare One-Of-A-Kind Reproducing Hermaphrodite. Think “Boyz-N-The-Hood” meets “Boys-Don’t-Cry” with “The-Crying-Game” twist.

Please, watch Our Feature Film’s Promotional and FAND-RAISING Short Film @

If U r an ASSISTANT IN YOUR FILM DEPARTMENT, U have a little to a lot of EXPERIENCE and U r looking to MOVE UP and be a HEAD of Ur Own Film Department, THIS IS THE TIME 4 U!!!

1. Unit Production Manager – To Manage Over All Production
2. Assistant Director – To Manage Shooting/Schedule
3. Line Producer – To Manage Locations/Permits/Insurances
4. Director of Photography – To Manage Cinematography
5. Lighting Technician – To Manage All Lighiting Matters
6. Production Designer – To Manage Production Design/Art Direction
7. Costume Designer – To Manage All Wadrobe Issues
8. Make-up Artist – To Manage Talent’s Out-Looks
9. Casting Director – To Manage/Coordinate Talent
10. Script Supervisor – To Manage Picture Continuity
11. StoryBoard Artist – To Breathe Life Into Shot-Lists

12. EDITOR – To Manage/Run Post-Production Unit.

No Pay Up Front but there will be later. Plus you get a COPY, CREDIT, MEALS, AWARDS and FILM FESTIVALS EXPOSURE…

Job type: Non Paid

Casting Location: Los Angeles
Contact email:

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