CW Wedding Show

By | January 27, 2012

The CW is casting for a wedding / proposal show

Are you a Los Angeles resident that is ready to propose?

Are you planning a stunning wedding proposal and not really sure how to pull it off successfully?
Do you think the love of your life is ready to take the plunge with you and you want to ask in a spectacular way?
If you have the idea and the person to ask, the CW can give you the help you need to pull it off and even pay for your extravagant proposal idea. Hey, The CW is even willing to pay for the ring! What’s the catch… well its a competition against other men who are doing the same thing. The winner will get a honeymoon courtesy of the show. If chosen to be on the show, The CW will help you get it all together including getting the location, paying the bill, and hiring the crew and the actors needed.

Are you ready to propose?

The CW is now casting for a new show! Are you ready to propose to the love of your life?

You will be competing against four other guys to see whose proposal our studio audience thinks is the best. If it happens to be yours – you could win an all expense paid honeymoon!

If you are ready to propose and think you’re up to this challenge, then email us ASAP! Tell us about your fiance and your idea for proposing to her. Make sure you include your names, ages, and contact information, including email and phone number – Attach pics of yourself and of your girlfriend! Remember, this is a SURPRISE!!

All submissions should be prepared to propose prior to Feb 11, 2012.

please submit your information to

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