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location: Southern California

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Are you or someone you know take “DIY” to a whole ‘nother level?

Are you or someone you know the type of person who doesn’t believe in reading directions or using the parts included?

Do your creative fixes embarrass those around you?

If you answered yes to the three questions above, WE ARE LOOKING FOR YOU!

We are casting for a new hit program which honors the Masters of Unconventional Home Improvement and uncovers the whole story by including their family & friends.

If you live in Southern California, are older than 18 and feel you or someone you know would be a perfect person to be featured on our show, please drop us an email at with a description of your DIY masterpiece and what your family thinks about it. Also, make sure to attach your picture. Should your DIY Jerry Rigged fix be amazing for our show, we will reach out and find out more.

Thanks so much and we look forward to hearing from you!

Job type: Paid

DIY home makeover reality TV Casting

Casting Location: Southern California
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