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location: Portland

Category: Singers

Hey, my names Makenzie and currently I’m attempting to put together a brand new girl group, and I need 3-4 members. There is only me right now, and I need 4 or 5 girls. I also have a choreographer. The group is named True Desire. We will be singing a mixture of Pop and R&B, but of course parts of each member’s style and personality will be thrown in. I have a few connections with recording studios, but no connections with management companies or major record labels quite yet, so we would be starting from the ground up. I do have connections with talet agencies, and a man that would help us out tremendiously. (more info on that later) I do know places where we could get noticed and perform (free performing gigs at amusement parks,eldertlyhomes, open mic nights, talent shows etc.) Because we would be starting from the ground up, I’m looking for extremely dedicated, talented girls to chase this dream with me. It will be hard, but we have to know that you won’t just give up on us, or the group. Not only will this band provide a chance to pursue our dreams, and get noticed, we will also form a sisterly bond with each other. I really need girls who are as dedicated as I am about this. I don’t want someone who is just looking to try something new and possibly not like it and drop out. I need girls who will stick by each other and the band, not give up, stay strong and dedicated, work hard, and keep the personality and drive. As long as we do so, we will make it to the top.

If still interested please go to dreamsonmywings.angelfire.com thanks!

Job type: Other

Casting Location: Portland

5 thoughts on “Female Singers Wanted: Girl Group-Oregon

  1. Tershia

    Too bad you live in portland. I live in Atlanta and it’s so hard to find group members. Good luck 🙂

  2. Taylor

    Hello, I’m Taylor, I’ve been dreaming of pursuing a singing career my whole life, I’ve been in choir my whole life until I graduated in 2011. I am 20 I will be 21 in October. I am looking for girls, or a band to join. I am very creative, I love all kinds of music. I am best at singing blues or alto but I can do higher notes as well. I’d love to join you and create beautiful music together I live in Silverton so that isn’t to far for me. I would be willing to meet up and talk about our choices and what we would like to do. This sounds totally up my alley and I hope you email me back! I’ve been waiting for something like this for as long as i can remember. You can message me from 8am to 11pm . 🙂

  3. marleny cano

    Well I would love to join. I live in Portland Oregon so it would be great to join but I need to know how old do you have to be for this or I need to know if you are in you 20’s because I’m in my teens.

  4. anabel

    Hi my name is Anabel. I am almost 12 years old, and I know that is probably too young but hear me out. I listen to a variety of music and can sing a variety. I have performed for parties of about 100 people and I love it. I love to sing and it is in my blood. I know some guitar and piano but very little guitar. I also know a bit of the alto Sax.
    thanks for reading. please reply if interested. PS, I live in the Salem area.


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