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location: Toronto

Category: Docu-series

A new series on History Television is seeking people of Central American heritage to play Mayans in an upcoming episode.

Mayan Priest, 40-60yrs Mayan King, 50-60yrs Mayan Mother, 37-45yrs Mayan Boy, 10-14yrs Mayan Girl, 10-14yrs

We are also seeking…

Mayan Father, early-mid40s
There are no lines but we need someone who can act out the scenes that will be required without dialogue. A Central American farmer. Ideally attractive. He will be the hero character. This part of the story will follow our man and his family as they try to escape from the post- apocalyptic environment of Central America following a massive volcanic eruption. He goes from a happy farmer into a nightmare world. Think Viggo Mortgensen in the film “The Road” – strong, stoic – but with a Latin American look.

All of these roles will be needed one or two days between September 19th-24th

Send current photo and resume (or description of yourself) to: mayancasting@gmail.com
Important – You must state in your submission whether or not you’re a member of ACTRA. You must be able to work locally in Toronto, Ontario (Canada)

Deadline for submissions: Wednesday, September 5th

Payment is union standard background rate for the Background performers ($190/day) and Actor rate for the Mayan Father ($443/day).

Job type: Paid

Casting Location: Toronto
Contact email: mayancasting@gmail.com

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