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location: Jersey City

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Auditions on 6/22-23/2012

Samot is a story about a contemporary family and its struggle to remain unified despite having legitimate reasons to part ways. The characters in the story are urban, mostly in their early twenties, and live in Jersey City, New Jersey. We at Conglomerot & Le’Mar Consulting believe that we have a good script, a viable production plan, and a modest budget; what we lack are talented actors to breathe life into our project.
To be considered for a role in Samot, interested actors should:
-Schedule an audition (e-mail us your resume and headshot and we will give you a date/time for an audition. lateness will not be tolerated)
-Prepare a 2 minute introduction and a 5 minute-maximum monologue (we can stop you after 2 minutes, so bring it)
-At your audition, you will deliver your intro and monologue, as well as read a scene from the story with a member from our casting team.
*We may call you in for a call back the following weekend, prior to making our final decision.
**Anyone who auditions and is not selected for one of the roles below will receive first consideration for small speaking roles and extra roles throughout the project.
***Every member of the production team will receive points and credit for their role on the production team.
Good Luck, and we look forward to meeting you!
Character Characteristics
Samot 23 Logical, intelligent, just/fair, natural leader, hero
Davon 23 Emotional, impulsive, wanna-be leader, greedy
MaDukes 36 Seductive, opportunist, self-interested, flamboyant
Lav 39 OG, family oriented, *Samot’s characteristics
Limp C 23 Childish/naive, pretty boy, wangster, comic relief
Daw-Dog 23 *Davon’s characteristics, hates Samot, obsessed with Davon
Ralphy 23 *Manipulates Samot, Davon, MaDukes, and Lav’s characteristics.
Falicia 23 Virtuous, family oriented, nice, real woman
Lasso 23 Samot’s characteristics, gangster til the end
Daddy Lavensky 60 Elder, southern
Nanna Josephs 60 Elder, southernS

Job type: Other

Casting Location: [email protected]
Contact email: [email protected]

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