Legally Blonde (Ages 14-20) – Bristol


Legally Blonde (Ages 14-20)
Casting notice posted on, casting location: Bristol, CT
Auditions for Legally Blonde are May 9 or 10, 5-9 at Bristol Central High School. Pre-registration is not necessary. Callbacks are Saturday, May 12, 10-2.

Info and Tips For a Successful Legally Blonde Audition:
•GetUp Stage Company is a summer theater program for CT performers between the ages of 14 and 20.
•There are two evenings (you choose one) of vocal auditions and one callback. If you are unavailable for a callback, it will significantly decrease your chances of being cast in the production.

•For your audition, you will be asked to sing 16-32 bars of an upbeat, relatively modern musical theater song (see suggestions at the bottom of this page). YOU MUST PROVIDE SHEET MUSIC. You cannot sing a cappella. You cannot sing along to a track. Please do NOT sing a song from Legally Blonde or a pop song.

•You will NOT be asked to read or dance at your audition. You will do so only if you are invited to callbacks.
•Legally Blonde is a show with lots of great character roles and TONS of energy. Work on exhibiting these elements throughout the audition process. Here’s some more info about specific roles:

1.There are only a few male parts in Legally Blonde, but all of them are great roles. If you are usually typecast as the handsome leading man, you probably want to try out for Warner or even Professor Callahan. They both have some great moments in the show. For Warner, listen to “Serious” and try to pick a song like that (Link’s songs in Hairspray are a great fit). Professor Callahan’s main song is “Blood In The Water” so try to pick something along the lines of that (like Razzle Dazzle or others from Chicago). Another role is Kyle, the UPS guy. This is a good part for someone who doesn’t necessarily want a lot of lines or songs, but it is one of the most scene-stealing parts in the show. The male lead in this show is not Warner, but nerdy, mousy Emmett. It is a great part for a tenor as his songs are relatively high for the male voice. He is a very likable character who has to be endearing, a bit dorky and also handsome!
2.There are so many female roles in the show, don’t be upset if there is a ton of competition… The Delta Nu’s (sorority) all have featured solos, Kate has a large part in “What You Want” and Serena, Pilar, and Margot (along with other sorority girls with top-notch, belty voices) act as a greek chorus throughout the whole show (they sing A LOT!! We will likely cast these three roles from the girls who would be in the running for Elle.) These are also all big dancing roles, so brush up your dancing for the callbacks! Brooke Wyndham is a super fun role as she has a huge, energetic song, “Whipped Into Shape”. This is a vocally as well as physically demanding role as she must belt up to a high G while jump roping and dancing for 3-5 minutes. Paulette has a belty ballad, “Ireland” and her character is one of the most loveable ones in the show. Look into songs by Orfeh, the original Paulette on Broadway, for your audition. Vivienne is a fun part too, and she has a small song in the end of the show. She’s a lot of fun because she gets to be a total (W)ITCH 🙂 at the beginning but eventually becomes one of Elle’s closest friends. And of course, there would be no show without Elle Woods! Elle must posses kindness, bubbliness, and confidence. Be careful not to copy Laura Bell Bundy or Reese Witherspoon though. Make Elle your own character! BE CONFIDENT! Nobody wants an Elle Woods or Delta Nu girl who can’t smile. Keep it Positive, as Elle and her sorority sisters would say!
•If you are called back, you will be notified via Facebook and this website. At callbacks, you will be asked to sing and/or read for (a) particular role or roles.

•If you are called back, you will be asked to learn a dance combination and will perform said combo in a small group. Bring or wear appropriate attire. We will do two callbacks (on the same day): one for ensemble and one for leads. Everyone will learn the dance combo and then we will ask some people to stay to read and sing for leading roles. We are doing the double callback because this ensemble is FIERCE; we will select only the best singers/dancers to be a part of it. Almost all of the ensemble members will have a featured moment in the show–there are 41 actual characters in Legally Blonde! However, roles can be doubled, so this does NOT mean we will be able to cast 40+ people! Please show us EVERYTHING you’ve got. This show is a cardio workout and features great characters with big voices!

It is always a good idea to read/research/see the show for which you are auditioning.
The key to a successful audition is showing energy, emotion, and–of course–vocal ability.

•Here are a few suggested show titles to help you narrow down your audition song selection:

High School Musical
The Wedding Singer
Scott Alan’s body of work (individual songs)
Thoroughly Modern Millie
The Last Five Years (or anything by Jason Robert Brown)

Other Important Information:

1.GetUp Stage Company requires that each participant pay a $100 fee which is broken down into four payments of $25. If there is significant family need, GUSCO and its supporters have scholarship funding available. Candidates will be asked to complete a parent-signed statement of financial need as well as write an essay depicting the student’s passion for theater and why they deserve to participate in the program.
2.Beginning in June, evening music rehearsals will be held at Bristol Central High School. The day of the week is currently TBD.
3.Once students are out of school, GUSCO rehearses at First Congregational Church (auditorium) in Bristol on Tuesdays and Thursdays 10-5 throughout the summer. GUSCO will work around vacations and other excused absences but with a short amount of time to produce such a large-scale production, attendance is imperative.
4.GUSCO performs at Sedgwick Middle School in West Hartford, CT. Rehearsals will be held there beginning the week before the show.

5.Fund-raising is an important part of GUSCO and it is expected that participants will attend all fund-raising events. As a non-profit, it is crucial that GUSCO reaches out to the community and earns the respect and financial support of central CT’s population.

Casting Location: Bristol, CT
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