Looking for members for girl group(pop/hip hop/R&B) – Jacksonville FL

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location: Jacksonville,FL

Category: Singers

I am looking for 2-3 females between the ages of 12-14 who can sing, rap, dance, are songwriters, etc. I am starting a group, similar to the OMG Girlz and Mindless Behavior but of course, not exactly like. The area is in Jacksonville,FL but if you stay in FL or are moving from the surrounding areas, please email me. You have to be dedicated, hardworking and determined. I am only looking for those who are serious about starting this group as much as I am. If there are any questions, contact me only at the email that is shown. (This is the link for the application that you must fill out which will automatically come to me) http://fs12.formsite.com/treanan/form1/index.html?1343056196255 Thank you!

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Casting Location: Jacksonville,FL

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  1. Aaliyah Stanley

    Hi, My name is Aaliyah and i’m 12 years old. I love to sing ever since I was a baby. I lived at Charlotte,NC and I have been waiting to take this deal.

  2. jazmine

    I am 12 years old and have been waiting for a deal like this for forever and I live in Jacksonville, FL.

  3. Erica

    Hi, I’m 15 and I live in Desoto TX. I’m a singer/song writer. I love working with people. I would really like to be in a group.

  4. I have a girl group but they aren’t as serious as I am
    about this. It’s hard to be the only person practicing,
    Writing songs,dancing and singing and I have been trying to
    Get discovered for a year. I swear I am very dedicated
    more than you think. I spend most my time in class
    Song writing and singing please help me. I will try my hardest
    and if thats not enough, I will try harder, thank you.

  5. Michigan Conner

    omg, I’ve been looking for something like this , only problem is i live in Pittsburgh 🙁

  6. Nataliebb

    OMG!!! I think this is a coincidence.
    Me and my two friends are 14 years old and we sing together.
    Nicola Fernandes, me and Rose thompson.
    Rose is a great dancer and we would love to become famous
    Im polish/Lebanese, rose is Indian and Nicola is half indian/Philippino.
    Our band name is Ninarose.

  7. jaliya wilson

    I live in Jacksonville, Florida and I like to dance and rap

  8. Bianca

    Hello, I’m Bianca. I Live In Miami ,Fl & I’m Interested In Being In The Girl Group. I Been Waiting For This Casting Call All My Life & I Know This Is For Me. I Am A Really Good Dancer.

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