Los Angeles / Riverside Documentary about drug use


Factual Documentary About Crystal Meth
Casting notice posted on auditionsfree.com, casting location: Riverside
Do you use Crystal Meth?

Pioneer Productions are making a new documentary series for a major American broadcaster about the social and scientific effects of drug use. As part of this we are looking to speak to current users who would be willing talk openly about their experiences of using Crystal Myth. We’re looking for people that can help explain what it feels like, why they use it, how it can become addictive and how it has affected their lives.
For more information and a confidential, informal chat,
please contact me on the details below.

Send a text to 202 509 1477 and I can call you right back so you are not charged for the call

US: 202 509 1477
Email: harriet.matthews@pioneertv.com
Facebook: Harriet Pioneer
UK: +44(0)208 748 0888 Ext: 224

Casting Location: Riverside
Contact email: harriet.matthews@pioneertv.com

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