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The Arrival
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location: Miami, Florida

Category: Student Films

This is the set of characters that are due to have major appearances in the film. Before I begin listing the qualifications and profiles that must be met, let me begin by saying that this is open to actors of all experiences and levels. However, this is not a role in which payment will be provided. This is for experience and exposure, and with the right amount of effort, this could be added to your demo reel and provide more experience in the area you wish to work in.

Child Actors:

-A young Istu’an: (Same descriptions of his older form apply).

Age: 5-7 years old.

-A young Mariah: (Same descriptions of her older form apply).

Age: 10-11 years old.

Main Characters:

Mariah Bodhi: She is the mother of the alien boy,(Istu’an). She endured a very difficult life, being the daughter of an overly religious mother, and alcoholic as well as abusive father. She was artificially inseminated by the extraterrestrial visitors. When her parents discovered this, they attempted to force an abortion. She is very warm and nurturing, and loves Istu’an more than herself.

Height: Average

Weight: Thin [to] average weight

Age: Mid 20-30’s

Note—> Aging makeup will be applied, which is why you cannot be too youthful.

Hair color: Dirty blonde-brown

Eye color: Brown

Istu’an: He is from another planet. His father is the overseer of his people, and in an attempt to reveal to planet earth the ways of his people, he impregnated Mariah. Istu’an is a king and gentle soul, modest but not shy. He endured a difficult childhood; is beyond the earthly levels of understanding concerning physics, astronomy, etc. He has a rather strange appearance, having tints of blue to his lips and other parts of his body.

Height: Tall- :5’10”-6 ftWeight: Average

Age: 18-20

Eye color: Blue. (Contacts can be applied if necessary)

Hair color: Black. (Dying is also fine).

Aaron: One of the three friends Istu’an takes in and helps with areas in their lives. He struggled with alcoholism and poverty. He later hands Istu’an over to Area 51 for the bribery of $30,000 dollars.

Height: Average

Weight: Average

Age: 18-20

Eye color: Brown

Hair color: Brown

Extra: Must be able to grow a beard, and preferably a buzz-cut hair style.

James: He is the best friend of Mica. He was a former cocaine addict until he met Istu’an. He is the only one of the three that actually fought for Istu’an.

Height: Slightly shorter, but average. 5’7″ or so.

Weight: Average

Note—> His physique, however, is more muscular.

Eye color: Brown

Hair color: Brown

Supporting Roles

These are characters that, although do not appear within the entire film, are very important to the progression of the story.

Agent Joseph Black: Works for Area 51 in the interrogations department. He speaks with Mariah throughout the duration of the film. He is moved by her story, and tries to help her retrieve Istu’an.

Age: 30-40 years old

Height: Average

Weight: Average

Hair: Black

Eyes: Very dark brown, nearly black

John Bodhi: Mariah’s father. He is alcoholic and abusive. He hates his family, finds an escape through alcohol.

Age: late 30’s-40’s

Note—> Aging makeup will be applied to appear older

Height: Average

Weight: Slightly heavier build

Hair: Dark brown

Eyes: Dark brown

Esther Bodhi: Mariah’s mother. She is conservative, and is completely caught up in maintaining the image of her family. She is emotionally abusive and neglectful toward Mariah. Both she and her husband do not attend the funeral.

Age: Late 30’s to 40’s

Note—> Aging makeup will be applied

Height: Average

Weight: Thin.

Note—> Her mother has a very frail appearance

Hair: Dirty blonde-brown

Eyes: Brown

Kate Bodhi: She is the younger and rebellious sister of Mariah. She tends to find her escape through men. However, when they move to Florida, she leaves after a little while to New York.

Age: 20-25 years old

Note—-> Aging makeup will be applied

Height: Average

Weight: Average

Hair color: Black

Eyes: Dark brown

Minor Roles:

The title of this is deceptive, considering that these are not minor roles at all, I just needed another segment to place the lot of you under. These roles are quite important to the advancement of the story.

Physicist (1) He remains nameless, but is the main antagonist of the story. He hates Istu’an and tries to have him jumped out of jealousy. He bribes Aaron to hand Istu’an over to Area 51.

He has large teeth, and large glasses.

Age: 20-25

Height: None.

Weight: None.

Hair color: None.

Eyes: None.

Physicist (2): He also remain nameless. He carries out whatever his friend asks of him. He too is a Physicist, but wants Istu’an to be captured for different reasons.

Alex: He is Mariah’s love interest in the beginning of the movie. He does not believe Mariah’s encounter at first, but later accepts it and wishes to marry her. He dies in a tragic car accident before he could propose to her.

Age: Mid 20’s-30’s

Height: Tall

Weight: Average

Eye color: None.

LILA: Mica’s sister. Her sexual affairs are revealed by Istu’an, which she does not take kindly to.

Age: 16-18 years

Height: Short

Weight: Average

Eye color: Brown.

There will also be several extras roles available to everyone which I will be posting later. I wish you all the best of luck. Also, be sure to like the page, and share this with any of the actors you may know.

Please send a head-shot with height, weight, and experience included, to,

Job type: Non Paid

Casting Location: Miami, Florida
Contact email:

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