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Advanced student seeking actors for short narrative film.
Casting notice posted on auditionsfree.com, casting location: Minneapolis, MN

*If you know of anyone that might be interested in acting in my short narrative please forward/post this flier. Thank you!
Advanced student shooting a short narrative film.

The plot is about a man that is morally challenged by his new less than admirable job collecting debts for an underground mobster to secure his financial future for himself and girlfriend.
Audition dates: April 28th 10:30am-3pm and April 30th 6pm-9pm.
Must be available for 2-3 rehearsals (mid-May) and 4 shooting days (June 2, 3, 4, and 6th).
Roles to cast:
Lars: Male 20-35 years of age, bigger build facing his need to provide and morals.
Tiffany: Female 20-30 years of age, Lars’ stripper girlfriend, materialistic yet sweet. (no stripping in film)
Blondie: Female 20-35 years of age, Tiffany’s stripper friend, kind.
Doug: Male 30-60 years of age, Mob boss, professional, business, money driven.
Guard: Male 20-50 years of age, large, intimidating.
Man A: Male 30-60 years of age, owes Doug money, single, sob, dirty, got in debt from gambling.
Man B: Male 30-50 years of age, a father of a 8 year old daughter, lost job and had to borrow money from Doug.
Waitress: 18-60 years of age, waitress in a 24 hour diner.

Positions are unpaid but a copy of the film, credit, and food provided.
For more information or if interested in a time slot email a head shot and resume to Findingmeans@gmail.com Thank you for you time and consideration.

Casting Location: Minneapolis, MN
Contact email: findingmeans@gmail.com

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