My Strange Addiction

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“My Strange Addiction” is now casting
Casting notice posted on, casting location: Nationwide
Are you currently struggling to over come a strange obsession, addiction or compulsive behavior that is taking over your life?

Do you spent countless hours obsessing about something or engaging in behavior that others would say is strange?

Have you drained all of your finances into this obsession?

Are your friends and family members concerned about your well-being but feel lost or helpless?

Would you like to regain control of your life and your health?

If you found yourself answering yes to any of these questions, you may qualify to be a participant
in a major documentary series which offers professional assistance for those struggling
with a strange obsession/compulsion/addiction.

For consideration, please reply to this ad with your name, age, contact information,
recent photo and brief explanation of how a strange addiction is taking over your life or contact us directly at 312.467.8679/

Thank you for wanting to share your story. We are here to listen and we are here to help!

Casting Location: Nationwide
Contact email:

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