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By | February 10, 2012

Casting Call for independent short film “Max and the Reaper”
Casting notice posted on, casting location: Boston, MA
Casting call for independent short film “Max and the Reaper”

Max Kramer (10-15): A resourceful amateur detective—think Nate the Great or Encyclopedia Brown. There’s never been a case he hasn’t cracked. Max is quiet and contemplative and misses nothing.

Gus Blanchart (10-15): Max’s sidekick. Gus is a technical whiz with a homemade darkroom in his bathroom. He’s always on board with Max’s wacky schemes.

Tanta Martha (50-90): Max’s grandmother. After suffering a stroke, Tanta Martha is on the edge of death. In the film, Tanta Martha is 85 years old; however, we have an excellent makeup artist so younger actresses may apply.

Max’s father (40-50): Max’s father tries to be the good dad, but Tanta Martha’s stroke hasn’t been easy on him. You can see how much he’s hurting in his eyes. He’s bitter and sardonic, with a hollow laugh.

Max’s mother (40-50): Max’s mother is a frazzled housewife. With Tanta Martha moving in, she’s just about at her limit.

“Max and the Reaper” is a short film by students at Emerson College and the Massachusetts College of Art and Design. Roles are unpaid.

Please respond with a resume and headshot for audition information.

Noah Aust
Boston, MA

Casting Location: Boston, MA
Contact email:

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  1. richard desouza

    do you need acting experiences for this film because im 13 and i would like because ive always wanted to get into acting and get my first experience


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