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“Down The Rabbit Hole”

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location: Union County , NJ

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Faith Players
Auditions for

Down the Rabbit Hole!

An original adaptation of Alice
written by Tori Clemens
Original music by Neal Acito

Auditions will take place on January 14th and 16th from 7-9 PM
Location: First United Methodist Church of Scotch Plains, 1171 Terrill RD Scotch Plains NJ
Show Dates: April 26th and 27th

What to Prepare: People auditioning will be asked to present readings from the script.

Large cast of characters are needed for this very physical, abstract play.

Various ages are needed to fill roles. This is not going to be a children’s cast. Many adults needed to fulfill parts.

If you have any questions or would like a list of characters with breakdowns please email for information.

Character Breakdown for Down the Rabbit Hole!
(Age range may change as we see people read at auditions.)

Alice- 13-16 years of age, curious and independent

Cat- 16-22 years of age mysterious and playful

Ruth- 16-18 years of age keeps to herself has little imagination

Rabbit- 16-25 Forgetful, has episodes of compulsiveness loves to be center of attention

Dodo- any age, name says it all

Three mice-any age, talkative and argumentative

Frog footman- any age

Fish footman-any age

Duchess-late 20’s to 40, loud, bossy, and egotistical

Cook- any age, a bit kooky and quirky

Caterpillar- 18-28 laid back and calm, always optimistic

Tweedles- teens to 20’s- a matched set, full of life and very unorganized

King- late 20-40’s, knit picked, harried

Queen- 40’s +, demanding, outspoken and larger than life

Cards- any age, agile, flustered, comic

Joker- late teens to 20’s, suave

Humpy dumpy- 20-30, grouchy, scrambled

Rose- any age, diva

Lily- any age- ditzy

Tulip- any age- flirty

Daisy- any age- mean girl

Hatter – any age- crazy, systematic, boisterous

Hare- any age- cranky, restless

Dormouse- any age- sleepy

Job type: Non Paid

Casting Location: Union County , NJ
Contact email:

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