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location: Tinton Falls, NJ

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For the Comedy
Book by Michael Eli Schwartz

Directed by Dana Abatemarco
Please Call me @ 732-276-6136

This run is at The Grange Playhouse, Howell
Produced by Passion Players
Sept. 14 – 23 (6 Performances)

Characters: Directors View….(Can be aged up or down to look the part)
HANK: (lead male) A newly retired grandfather; strikes me as the type of
guy who complains a lot but doesn’t really mean any of it. Clearly loves
his family. (Age 50 plus)
BEV: (lead female) Hank’s wife; kinda gossipy, but mostly harmless. We
should roll our eyes at her, but secretly root for her, too. (Age 50 plus)
ANITA: Bev’s sister. She’s the type of woman who’s hauled her sagging boobs up to her chin so that young men will look at her. Again, harmless – but she thinks she is the quintessential “cougar.” (Age 50 plus)
DIANNE: Hank and Bev’s daughter (married to Alan). She’s pretty
non-descript; a former lawyer, now a painter. (Age 42-50)
ALAN: Hank and Bev’s son-in-law (married to Dianne). In my head he kow-tows to whatever Dianne wants. (Age 42-50)
JEN: Hank and Bev’s youngest granddaughter. She’s always on the phone.
She’s every 15 year old you’ve ever met. (Age 15)
SARA: Hank and Bevs eldest granddaughter. She’s always on the phone. She’s
every 18 year old you’ve ever met. (Age 18)
CECILE: A middle-aged waitress. I think she’d chew gum. Think Stephen

This audition is for our Grange Production. We will also perform this show in October 2012 & Feb. 2013 in Tinton Falls

“Age 62 Is Better”?

Friday’s @ 8 PM 6 performances over 2 weeks
Saturday’s @ 8 PM
Sunday’s @ 3 PM



How old we are does not mean we don’t feel young !!!

Length: 1 hr 50 mins
Intermission: Yes
Seating: General Admission
You choose your seats when you get to the theater.

A family man Hank reaches his so-called Retirement at Age 62. His clear funny bone
sense of humor hits home for all men and women with his personal observations of life.

This Comedy has nine characters. It’s for all ages and social security in not required. Hank
is married to Bev with one daughter (Dianne) and two grandchildren (Sara & Jen). His son
in law (Alan) and sister in law (Anita) make up his immediate family. The play takes place
during six months at two residences and a New Jersey Diner where we meet Cecile. Hanks
determination to keep working introduces us to Ryan when he starts planning a new business
. Bev and Anita find a new calling and the comedic dialogue between the two is delightful,
insightful and just plain down to earth that all families can identify with. Sara and Jen,
teenagers, add honest perspective about their whole family and take us back to the good
old times.

Hank says, “This is my story and how I am coping. I should say, enjoying my official, new,
early retirement at Age 62. Reflecting is what one does at all ages, but, I think you get
better at it as you get older. You get a lot of practice, because, a lot of time you forget
what you were reflecting about. There was a time when my short and long term memory
as about the same.. Today, I have more time to think about it

Job type: Non Paid

Casting Location: Tinton Falls, NJ
Contact email:

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