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location: Roselle, NJ

Category: Theater


Dates: 8/18 & 8/25
Type: Actors Wanted

Production Company: Serenity Production LLFG
Casting Call: Director’s:
Serenity Roberts
Phone Number: 908-290-4408
Email Address: SerenityProduction_llfg@hotmail.com

Compensation: There will be pay for this event

This Listing Requires:
• A Profile Photo
• A Contact Number
Category Performer Description What Don’t Kill You Makes You Stronger is a comic gospel play that deals with the reality of losing one’s faith. It tells the story of how one man loses his faith in God because he feels as if God has betrayed him and taken all the things that meant the most to him.… he is on the road to destruction… every road has a test… can he pass it and regain all that he has lost or will he loose it all and be subject to this place he calls hell on earth Please come prepared depending on the role you pick. You will be asked to sing and read at the open calls, but if the artistic staff wishes to see you again for a callback you will know after the audition and will be handed an information sheet. No roles are precast all roles are open.. For more information please email the Director which is I Serenity Roberts at SerenityProduction_llfg@hotmail.com. All are encouraged to audition/ No experience necessary. Contact: Serenity Roberts Respond Method(s) By Email or via (908) 290-4408
Audition Information When: August 8/18 & 8/25 From 2 to 10 pm Where: 725 Chestnut Street Roselle N.J 07203 (2nd FL of building) enter in the rear of the building.
Notes/ What to bring: head shot and resume no monologue is necessary.
This will be wonderful exposure for the right candidate(s).
We primarily need aspiring Actors and Actresses 25 and 65 We are looking for the following
Actors, Singers



(28-36 Female ) (Singing Role)
Strong, religious and caring… likes to be the voice of reason… she just found God and she wants her husband to give him another try

(28-36 Male ) (Singing Role)
Arrogant, self-center and mister know it all… Use to be a man of God

(50-60 Female ) (Singing Role)
Religious woman , firm and caring when it calls for it

(26-36 Female)
Righteous young woman who tries to push her beliefs out on others … very judgmental but caring

(50-60 Male)
Judgmental , knows the bible like the back of his hands… always preaching

(25-36 Female)
Crazy fun loving person … likes to have fun but can be very out spoken

(28-36 Male ) (Singing Role)
Very laid back… quiet at time… Just finding his way back to God

(28-36 Female)
Self center, caring, like to show off as if she is better than everyone else

(26-36 Female)
Childish , ghetto and up beat person

(40-50 Female ) (Singing Role)
Crazy, fun loving, out spoken and religious

(25-34 Male)
Male dancer/ fun and exciting

Job type: Paid

Casting Location: Roselle, NJ

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