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location: Orlando, FL.

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Looking for 5 different characters below. Please respond with photos, video reels. Will ask for a video audition if you fit the look. Will be shot here in Orlando starting in 2 weeks. Please pay attention to character descriptions as described below.

MIA – 20 something – Young, beautiful, eccentric and at times unpredictable. Mia is a young woman struggling with treating her recently diagnosed bipolar disorder. She is equal parts hilarious and heartbreaking. Looking for someone that carry the show and is a tremendous actress. Actress must be willing to do the work to put in a genuine and believable representation of the illness. This is a dramedy so this actress must be able to handle comedy as well as darker more serious material. Tasteful PG-13 TV nudity is required. This is a lead character. Looking for someone with Zooey Deshanel’s quirkiness and comic timing, Meryl Streeps acting chops and some serious star potential.

RANDALL – 20 something – A young, irresponsible stand up comedian and college drop out. Lives at home and still parties like he’s in college. Has a way of screwing up things when he’s trying to help. Looking for a Bradley Cooper, Dane Cook type actor. Must have some ability to improvise. This is a reoccurring character.

ALISON – 20 something – Beautiful, young grad student. Currently going to school for her Masters to eventually become a licensed therapist. Complicated and messy love life but seems to have everything else in her life figured out. Former failed one night stand and potential future love interest to the main lead. Looking for a Elisha Cutburt or a very young Ellen Pompeo type. This is a featured reoccurring character.

SAMANTHA (SAM) – 20 something – The lead’s paternal twin sister. A no-nonsense business woman with a lot of drive and ambition. Smart and bitingly witty. Dark hair and tan complexion is a plus. Kind of a Olivia Munn type. The is a reoccurring character.

RAVEN – early 20s – Beautiful, immature, blue collar girl. Extremely sensitive and defensive. A bartender with a longstanding crush on the main character. Can play protagonist and antagonist as sort of a wildcard love interest for the main lead down the line. This will be a featured reoccurring character.

Job type: Paid

Casting Location: Orlando, FL.
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