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Paid modeling job
location: Portland, Oregon

Category: Modeling

We are a creative agency. We do photo shoots for large athletic/fashion brands. We normally use talent agencies, but Portland is small, and we’ve used the same people so many times, we are looking for something new.
If you are already a working model, but somehow we’ve missed your photo in the line-up, please submit yourself. You must submit one clear colored image of your face and one clear color image of head to toe, any extra are appreciated. No nude photo’s will be accepted. Please send in PDF, or body of email. Do not send in a goggle doc.
If you match the below criteria, please submit yourself.

You must be:
at least 5′ 6″
size 7 to a 9 shoe, no smaller no larger
Size 2 to 8 waist, no smaller no larger
Must have curves on the bottom, but not out of shape

You must be:
at least 5 9″
Size 8 to 10.5, no larger no smaller-unless you are willing to squeeze into a men’s size 9.
Pant size 30-34 waist, 32-36 inseam, no larger no smaller
Shirt size M or L, no smaller no larger

You can have: some tattoos, a nose ring/no other facial piercings, stylishly unnatural color hair, any length hair or style.
You CAN NOT have any implants/plastic surgery enhanced body parts.

Job type: Paid

Casting Location: Portland, Oregon
Contact email:

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  1. ashelly lysema chitambala

    In life its always good to try new things and discover your talents. My friends would say you have a great body, why don’t you try modelling.Here I am.

  2. ellyfellows

    Have been trying modeling for a very long time… I have no experience but just give me one chance to prove it to you.

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