Pittsburgh Music Video


Spooky/Horror style Music Video – April 2nd, 2012
Casting notice posted on auditionsfree.com, casting location: Pittsburgh, PA
Good day! We are searching for cute females and males aged 18-25 for a Candlelight Red music video.

Here is a short excerpt from the video concept detailing the scene we are casting for.

The girls, in their sleep, hear the song… and get up, in their panties, their pajamas,
whatever — and leave their silent, sleeping homes to walk in possessed dazes across the city. Coming
out of their front doors. Down the street, a single girl, walking slowly, unconscious… Then another,
across a lawn… Finally they approach the boy in the parking lot, and array themselves around his car
in a circle. The boy notices and is amazed/afraid… we realize that one girl has a crowbar in her
hand… she steps forwards…

If you are interested in taking part in this project, please respond via email with photos and contact information. It is low budget so we are unable to offer compensation other than the special effects lenses, but we will work fast and have a great time!

Please note: All females must be able to wear special effects contact lenses. After the shoot is over, the special effects lenses are yours to keep as a gift, they will be aqua blue “zombie” lenses.

Girls should be confident enough to wear revealing clothing (although there is NO nudity). For wardrobe, we are asking the girls to wear whatever you normally wear to sleep, unless what you normally wear to sleep is Chanel No 5 at which point we ask them to add a cotton bra and panties and maybe a bathrobe.

Male role will be sort of a sweetly nerdy character, extra points for classic Atari/Ninento/C64 shirt!

Casting Location: Pittsburgh, PA
Contact email: rsmcastings@gmail.com

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