R&B Girl Group

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location: Decatur, Stone Mountain, Lithonia

Category: Singers

I am looking for 2 fierced female singers. they are dedicated and hardworking. I dont care what their race is. I just care about how well they sing and perform. They must BE BETWEEN THE AGES OF 16-18 WITH NO DRAMA! MUST pitch in with money for studio, and vocal lessons. MUST know their vocal range. Again my name is Kenya I am 17 3/4. I am hoping to have a group by my birthday which is August 10.
Vocal Range:
Contact Info:
Picture (headshot and bodyshot)
Write songs or peoms:

Email your application at kenya.gilchrist@gmail.com

I will be looking at ALL applications nad persons that I contact. Thank you for your time and hope we can make music together!

Job type: Non Paid

Casting Location: Decatur, Stone Mountain, Lithonia
Contact email: kenya.gilchrist@gmail.com

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