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Can your life story be a reality show? Prove it!
Casting notice posted on, casting location: Nationwide

If you have an idea for the next great reality TV show, we’d like to help it come to life.”Pitch Your Reality Show” is working with the producers of X Factor, Family Feud, and American Idol. We know that your story, if given the right opportunity, can be the next greatest must-see TV show around.”Pitch Your Reality Show” is totally free!

Send us a short, thirty second to one minute video about why we should pick your reality show idea. Share your video and get friends to vote! We’ll take the best idea(s) to our partners and make one concept into a reality!

You can submit your video pitches on YouTube and message us the link at


You can submit them directly to the “Contest” portion of our Facebook Fan Page!

Check out the page for further instructions!

Thank you and good luck!
-Pitch Your Reality Show/PlayKast Team

Casting Location: Nationwide
Contact email:

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