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location: nationwide

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Are you a big personality and good at what you do in Real Estate? Do you frequently have people say you should be on TV or think you could be? Tell us what makes you unique!

We are casting nationwide to find interesting people or small companies that deal in Real Estate Investment or Flipping. To submit yourself for further consideration, please read and follow all of the below steps listed.

How to Submit:
Please send brief emails with all of the details that follow to:

Please double-check that you have included your correct contact information. Submission does not guarantee being on the show; we will contact those that feel like a good fit. Thank you so much for your interest!
Subject line of email: Your full name – for Real Estate Casting
Body of email:
1) Your Name, Company Name, & Names of any Partners/Main team members with their job title (if any)

2) Your Phone number and email address

3) Location: State and Office address

4) Brief History/Highlights of your work experience in real estate and/or of your company

5) Any unique/special skills? (Example: You buy, remodel, and resell homes or you buy & move homes or other?)

6) Link to your website and/or any video links (if any)

7) Please attach a photo of yourself/team (doesn’t need to be fancy)

Job type: Paid

Casting Location: nationwide
Contact email:

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