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Less Than Normal
Casting notice posted on, casting location: Minneapolis, MN
Title: Less Than Normal

Synopsis: Elise, a young high school female gets more than what she bargains for after purchasing a set of ear rings. After accomplishing a popular trend and attending a party, Elise gets a brutal beating that sets her back into reality. Overcoming her pures, she realizes what she really needed was confidence in herself.

Male Roles NEEDED;

Around 5’7 or taller. Age 18-24 years preferred!

Hank (Elise’s Childhood Friend – Sarcastic, caring and open minded)

Evan Miles (Elise’s Senior Crush- High school jock, athletic built, free willed)

Troy Givenstrom (School dance nominated Prince- Heavy Weight, Comical)

Matt (Evan’s friend- All around guy, very laid back, cool)

Background/Extended Casts

UN-PAID sector only looking for student Volunteers. A copy of the finalized prject will be given to you as payment.

Casting Location: Minneapolis, MN
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