Single ladies for dating show Los Angeles


Reality / Docu series now looking for single ladies in the Los Angeles area!

ATTENTION ALL SINGLE WOMEN 24-35 YRS.: Burbank based production company is currently casting to fill the LAST SPOT for a docu-reality dating show to be filmed in and around the Los Angeles area. We are looking for a Caucasian, Hispanic or Asian woman. Production has already begun filming for the pitch/sizzle reel.

Ask yourselves these few questions to see if you would be perfect for our show. Do you tend to seek out your ideal mate or do you let them approach you? Do you have horrific dating stories that seem to keep repeating themselves over and over again in your everyday life? Do men seem to walk all over you? Do you walk all over them? Have you had difficulties finding a guy/girl or does it come easily for you? Have you ever done online dating b/c meeting that perfect someone just hasn’t happened for you yet in the city? Are you looking for Mr. Right?

We are looking for outgoing and adventurous women who are ready to date, currently dating and those who are looking for love. If you think you have the personality made for TV then please send us your headshot/snapshot and a description of yourself including highlights of your dating history highs and lows and why you think your story should be told.

Send your information to the email address above.

Casting call scheduled for:
WEDNESDAY, MARCH 28, 2012 11am-2:30pm

If you fit what we are looking for we will contact you and provide you with casting location details. Please come sometime within the specified casting window.

PLEASE NOTE: ***If you are unable to make the casting time indicated please let us know why and if you we think you might be a good fit for our show we will schedule an alternate time for you to come in.***

please email

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